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Poison Girl by Christian Dior Perfume | Review

Hi my beautiful girls 😍
It took 150 tries for making a Perfume like this. And Yes it came out very well. Today we are talking about Poison Girl by Dior. Poison Girl is another perfume in the Poison Series by Dior specially intended for younger lovers. It was launched in early 2016 & still quite popular worldwide. It is Floral & Sensual made for modern Women.

Poison Girl by Christian Dior | Review

Curd Rice Recipe

Hello my beautiful friends :)
Curd Rice or Yogurt Rice is a well known South Indian recipe. With easy ingredients and delicious flavor this recipe will fill your tummy & also helps in digestion. As Yogurt is known for its probiotic qualities and curing Stomach Aches this recipe is also good for people who are having indigestion problem. Lets begin preparing this recipe today.


Curd Rice Recipe

Must Haves For HoneyMoon | Bridal Special

Hello my lovely ladies😍
Today's post will interest girls who are going to get married or are newly married and planning for their Honeymoon. I am sure you must have planned for your honeymoon the same way you have planned for your wedding. We are providing our Must Haves For HoneyMoon which you should never miss. Lets match and crosscheck your list with this.

Must Haves For HoneyMoon

Honeymoon Tips & Tricks For Brides | Bridal Special

Hello my lovely ladies😍
After months of planning & excitement for wedding finally you are married now. Although you are on Cloud9 and enjoying your newly wedding status don't forget to plan your Honeymoon. Don't wait till the end to prepare for it. Today we are sharing Honeymoon Special Tips & Tricks for you girls to make your trip memorable & free from worries.

Honeymoon Tips & Tricks

May Favorites | 2017

Hello my lovely people :)
Another beautiful month has passed and another new month of great opportunities have come. May was full of excitement and lot of good things. Lets start this month of June with a new positivity & hopes.
Today's post is a refresher for my last month's favorites. Lets see what are the specials in the list!!

May Favorites | 2017