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Khandvi | Recipe

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
In today's post I am sharing my absolute favorite Gujarati dish called Khandvi. I can eat Khandvi day and night, the only problem is I didn't find this anywhere here (USA) till date. Personally I never like to make Khandvi at home as the process seems difficult and tricky. After two times failure I finally found the exact measurement and ingredients which makes the perfect Khandvi, tasty & delicious. In today's post we are making this popular Gujarati dish Khandvi. I tried to make this recipe method as simple as I can, although it's lengthy and tricky. Let's see what we need for this tasty dish!!!


Khandvi | Recipe

Mangode Recipe | Makar Sankranti Special

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
Today's post is very special for me as in this post I am sharing my Mom's Recipe. Every year on Makar Sankranti my Mom used to make Til ke Ladoo and Mangoda. I don't like Til ke Ladoo much that's why my Mom specially made this Mangodas. This recipe is made from Moong Dal ( Green Gram ) which you can also call as Moong Dal Pakoras but in our family we call it Mangoda or Mangode. In today's post let's see how to make Mangoda. If you have any traditions on Makar Sankranti then let us know by sharing in the comments section. Without delay let's make this tasty recipe.


Mangode (Moong Dal Pakoras) | Recipe

DIY Kite Bookmark | Makar Sankranti Special

Hello me beautiful people!! 😍
Happy Makar Sankranti. In today's post I am sharing Kid's Special Craft for this Makar Sankranti. We are making a beautiful Kite Bookmark!! Very easy to make and your kids will like it for sure. I am using only washy tape to decorate but you can totally customize it and be creative!!! Let's see how to make it!!!!



DIY Kite Bookmark | Kids's Special

Best Cooking Recipes | 2017

Hello my beautiful people :)
We hope you all had a wonderful 2017. For Khushi's World 2017 was a wonderful year and special thanks to everyone of you. This year we will bring much more good posts for you so keep following.
We always welcome any ideas or requests from you guys which you want to see in Khushi's World this year. Today we are sharing our top Recipes of 2017 as a recap. If you have not tried some then this is the time for you :)
Note :- All Recipe Names are having the links to go to the recipes.

Best Cooking Recipes | 2017

Chocolate Face Pack for Dull and Dry Skin | Winters Special

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
With Christmas Season and New Year celebrations just passed and from my recent cooking posts you guys pretty much know that these days I am obsessed with Chocolates. In today's post I am sharing another one which is related to Chocolates but this time it's not a food recipe, it is DIY Chocolate Face Pack for Dull and Dry Skin. After-all it's important to take care of our skin too!!! This Pack is perfect for Winters, hydrates the skin and removes dullness. This face pack is for Normal to Dry skin people! Let's see how what need to make this Pack!!!


Chocolate Face Pack for Dull and Dry Skin | DIY

Baked Chaklis without Chakli Maker

Hello my beautiful friends :)
I love Chaklis but the only problem is I didn't find Chakli Maker here. So, I decided that this New Year I will make some Chaklis without Maker. It's neither very easy nor very tough.
Why Baked Chaklis ?? Well we all eat lots of Oily food & sweet these days, So why don't we try something healthy.


 Baked Chaklis without Chakli Maker Recipe

December Favorites | 2017

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
Lets begin this year by wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year!! This is my first post of 2018 and at the same time last post of 2017, as in this post I am sharing my December Favorites. In 2017 I started a new section on the blog called as Monthly Favorites and can't believe that it's been a year. 2017 was great for Khushi's World and looking forward to fulfill all the Goals in 2018 too. December was full of celebrations as it gets Christmas and New Year, enjoyed very much. Do you guys celebrate Christmas?? Let me know how was your Christmas and New Year!! :) Without delaying any further let's see what are my December Favorites!
I don't have any Makeup Product this month as my Skin gets very red and is super sensitive to cold weather and heaters, that is the reason I took a break from all the chemical products including lipsticks.


December Favorites | 2017

New Year Special Healthy Wheat Pizza

Hello my beautiful people :)
Everyone is set for the year and I am sure ready to take the new resolutions also. I know many of you guys have taken a resolution of eating healthy. That's why I have made a Wheat Pizza which is Healthy and Tasty at the same time.
Lets begin this New Year's with a Healthy & Delicious Recipe. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

Healthy Wheat HomeMade Pizza | New Year Special

DIY Feather Ornament | Christmas Special

Hello my beautiful people!!😍
Christmas Tree is all about lights and Ornaments. People love collecting Ornaments every year and preserve them as their memories. This is my 4th year when I am decorating Christmas Tree, usually I buy all the Ornaments from the Market but this time thought to make some by myself. I want to make something very easy which doesn't take much time as Christmas is almost here.
In today's post we are making Feather Ornament!! It's very-very easy, takes only 2 mins and looks different and cute. I hope you people enjoy this DIY.

Feather Ornament | DIY 

Peppermint Snow Balls | Christmas Special Recipe

Hello my beautiful people!!😍
Kids love Chocolates and love something new and creative every time. In today's post I am going to make something which get loves by not only your kids but also the whole family. This recipe has all the yummy ingredients; Cookies, Chocolate & Candy. I don't have kids still this recipe is my and my husband's favorite when it comes to desserts specially during Christmas Season. We are making Peppermint Snow Balls, very delicious and very refreshing dessert. Let's see how to make it!!!


Peppermint Snow Balls | Recipe

Snow-Man Tote Bag | Christmas Special DIY

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
In today's post we are sharing Dollar Tree Kit Craft where we are making DIY Snow-Man Tote Bag. This DIY is save for all the Kids of age 2+, you can make a little Painting Christmas Game for kids. I am sure they will enjoy this Game. This Kit already comes with Colors and Tote Bag!! Let's do this DIY!!!


Snow-Man Tote Bag | Dollar Tree Craft

DIY Smiley Balloon Ornament | Christmas Special

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
Previously we have shared our DIY Ornament with Feathers, in this post we are making another DIY Ornament but this time with my favorite Smiley Balloons. I love Smileys and love the Balloons, this DIY is the combination of both. The best part is that this DIY only takes a minute to make. Without further delay let's make our DIY.

Smiley Balloon Ornament | DIY 

Triangular Popsicle Ornament | Christmas Special DIY

Hello my beautiful people!! 😊
In today's post I am sharing another Kid's special Christmas DIY, this time it's Triangular Popsicle Ornament. Very easy to make, perfect for Kids of age 3+ and takes very less time to make. There are lot of ways to make this DIY, in this post we are making the most easiest and simple one. Let's see what we need for this DIY!!


Triangular Popsicle Ornament | DIY

Christmas Tree Wall Stickers | Christmas Special DIY

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
In today's post we are making DIY Christmas Tree Wall Stickers. If you are looking for a Selfie Booth at Christmas or just decorating your home more beautifully this Christmas then this DIY is perfect for you. It is very easy and beautiful Craft for everyone. Enjoy this Christmas and lets see how to make this.


Christmas Tree Wall Stickers | DIY

Ornament Balls Christmas Tree

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
How are you guys? If you are a regular follower of Khushi's World then you may remember that in 2015 I shared very easy DIY Christmas Tree using Beads. Don't remember!! Don't worry you can check HERE. In today's post I am sharing another DIY Christmas Tree but this time we are using Ornament Balls. I am using Red and Gold Ornament Balls along with Blue Gems, you can use any color of your choice. Just follow the method below to make, and you can totally customize it according to your wish. Let's see how to make our DIY Ornament Balls Christmas Tree!!!


Ornament Balls Christmas Tree | Christmas Special DIY