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July Favorites | 2017

Hello my beautiful people!😊
Another month passed very fast and it's time to share my July Favorites with you all. BTW a very Happy August, finally festival time is going to start. Last month was very Hot here and that's why I have more body care product than the Makeup Products. Apart from that I am so busy these days; too much going on in my life. Will share with you all soon once everything gets settle down. Let's see what's in the list, also I like to know your favorites too so don't forget to share your July Favorites with me in the comment section.

July Favorites | 2017

Cucumber Mint Water | Detox Drink

Hello my beautiful friends :)
Every time during marriages, festivals and any special occasions we eat so much of Unhealthy, Junk Food & Sweets. Our body also requires Cleansing after that. And for this we will use Water ,Yes ! you heard it right, Water but not normal water ; water with a delicious taste.
Today's drink is for all the people who are looking for something refreshing to drink and don't want sugars and carbs in it. There is nothing more refreshing then lemon, cucumber and mint water! And wait until you find out the benefits! Here is the Detox Drink which Cleanses our system. It Re-hydrates body & replenishes your daily vitamins.


Cucumber, Mint & Lemon Water

Sabudana Thalipeeth | Vrat Special

Hello my beautiful people!
In our house, Vrat/Fasting means eating Sabudana(Sago) or Potato. These two are the most favorite choice for us. However sometimes eating same things gets boring. In today's post I am gonna share one of the Recipe which I recently discovered and me & my family absolutely loved it. It is Sabudana Thalipeeth!! This dish is very filling and the best part is that it's not only Fast/Vrat special but also a Gluten-free dish. Sabudana is very famous in gluten free diets. So next time whenever you are in gluten free diet do try this recipe. If in case today you prepared all the ingredients for Sabudana khichdi then no worries. You can use all the same ingredients for Sabudana Thalipeeth. Without any delay let's see how to make it!!


Sabudana Thalipeeth Recipe

Mango Mule | Mocktail

Hello me beautiful people! 😍
I always believe that even with very few ingredients in kitchen also you can come up with a yummy and presentable recipe. Today's recipe is also one of this recipes. Known as Mango Mule this Mocktail is an easy quick and a beautiful drink which will be loved by everyone in your family.
So lets see how to make this Mocktail.

Mango Mule | Mocktail

How To Hold Cooking Book without Spoiling it | Hack

Hello my beautiful people 😍
In this world of YouTube and Cooking Websites also there are many people who likes to follow their traditional recipes written in a cookbook to prepare delicious food. I remember our parents collect their recipe notes in a book so that anytime in the future they can use those to prepare the same recipe. With books there is one problem, it may get dirty as while preparing food we want to see the recipe details many times and everytime we want to see we touch it with our hands having food. Over the time the book may get spoiled if we do it regularly. Today's post is for saving your cookbook. Although in market you get Wooden Stand for keeping Books in the Kitchen they are expensive. The Hack which I am sharing will not only save your money but also your cookbook.

How To Hold Cooking Book without Spoiling it| Hack