Spring Favorites | 2019

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In today's post, I am sharing my Spring Favorites with you in which I am including all my April, May and June Favorites. Spring is one of the most beautiful time of the year when it comes to weather. The days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and flowers all over the garden. Everything looks nice and pretty. Well! I can talk about the Spring all day long but today we are here to see the Favorites! :) Let's start!!


Spring (April, May & June) Favorites | 2019

MakeUp -

1. Dior Matte Lipstick in 'Classic Matte'
This Lipstick is my favorite everyday lipstick. It is Matte but creamy, highly pigmented, non-drying, long lasting and looks so flattering on my skin tone. Perfect Rosy Nudy Brown shade!! I guess this color gonna look beautiful on all the skin-tones. If you are having Indian skin and not able to find perfect Nude then try this.


2. MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 'The Whole New World'
Well! Did you guys watch Aladdin? Are you people also a fan of Aladdin? If Yes, then you need to have this lipstick in your collection. I only bought this because I am a big fan of all the characters in the Aladdin movie. MAC launched its whole Aladdin collection in which it launched lipsticks too. I love this shade which is beautiful bright pink. Apart from beautiful packaging, the formula is amazing, matte but non-drying, creamy, comfortable and highly pigmented. If you find this then don't miss it!

3. MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 'Framboise Moi'
In spring MAC also launched its Boom, Boom, Boom collection, where all the packaging is in beautiful cherry blossom collection. The shade is beautiful Raspberry Pink which looks gorgeous, the formula is hydrating, more comfortable than any other Matte Lipsticks from MAC. It is highly pigmented and rich in color and it's limited edition. The packaging is extremely beautiful and the shade goes very well with my Indian and Western Outfits very well. Loving it!

4. MAC Cosmetics Stobe Cream
I feel using Primer makes a big difference to the makeup. I have dry skin with little open pores, that's the reason I like to use hydrating, dewy and pore minimizer primers. This Stobe Cream gives hydrating, smooth and luminous makeup base. I love using this under my makeup especially under the full coverage & matte foundations. Worth the money!

5. Benefit Cosmetic The Pore Fessional Primer
I guess you already heard a lot about this product, this is one of the most famous primers in the market. I  have open pores that's why I love to use this before foundation. It does blur the fine-lines and pores. The best thing is that it comes in a travel size too, so you can try it before buying the full size. Using this from the past 2 years and still loving it. If you have dry skin make sure you hydrate your skin properly and then apply only where it needed.

6. Wet n Wild Photofocus Stick Foundation in 'Buff Beige'
I think Wet n Wild is my official favorite drugstore brand. Initially, I only used there lipsticks which I still love. A few months back I bought their Stick Foundation and now I am obsessed. This is my first time when I used Stick Foundation, it is so easy to use, blend very well, buildable coverage. I am totally into this Foundation!

7. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer in Neutral
This is beautiful concealer, the texture is neither too thick nor watery, easy to blend, matte in finish, non-drying, and buildable. It doesn't crease and settles on fine-lines. Totally enjoying using this!

8. Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eye Liner in Blackest Black
I was looking for good Pot Eyeliner for a long time! I got this liner from the drugstore, this is super black, glides smoothly, long lasting and doesn't smudge. Initially, I thought that application gonna be tough but it's easy once to learn how to apply. Currently, this is my favorite EyeLiner.

9.  Lancome Hypnose Drama Volume Mascara
There are two types of Mascaras which I love, the one which looks natural and the other one which gives super dramatic lashes. This Mascara gives super dramatic lashes, long-lasting, doesn't smudge or flake. It comes in my Top 5 High-end Mascara list!

Skin & Body Care -

1. Estee Lauder Soft Clean Moisture Rich Foaming Cleanser
I use one of the Estee Lauder Wash before which I didn't like. My all-time favorite Face Wash is from The Body Shop and Himalaya brands. I ran out of my regular Face Wash so decided to give this one a try. Well! I must say that this Face Wash is my absolute new favorite. You need a very small amount to clean the face, cleans everything, gentle on the face and smells refresh. One of the best Face Wash so far! Loving it!!

2. L'oreal Hydrafresh Toner
As the days are getting warmer, I like to use the toners which are gentle, refreshing and light-weight. This one I got from the Walmart, this is perfect for Summer Days and currently, I am absolutely enjoying it.

3. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel
My skin is sensitive and past few months it is getting more challenging, I get redness, dry patches, sensitivity pretty easily. Whenever I get redness I use this aloe vera Gel, it's gentle, refreshing and works very well.

4. Bath & Body Works Body Shower Gel in Rose
As Spring is all about Flowers, I love to use floral products, especially on my bath products. Currently obsessed with this Rose Shower Gel from Bath and Body Works. It smells too good, super refreshing and gentle.

5. The Body Shop British Rose Body Butter
Although I do have the Rose Body Lotion from the Bath & Body Works. But my body still gets pretty dry that's why I like to use Body Butter. Currently loving using The Rose Body Butter from The Body Shop. This smells divine, hydrating and goes very well with my shower gel.

6. HoneyLab 5-in-1 Dry Skin Rescue Intense Moisture Lotion
In the daytime when I like to reapply lotions, I love using HoneyLab's Moisture Lotion, Or on the Hot Summer Days when I don't want to apply thick body butter, I use this lotion. This is light-weight, hydrating, smells good and gentle. Loving it!

7. Too Cool For School Egg Remedy Hair Mask
I think for this product I need to write the complete Review, well all I can say for now that this is the Best Hair Mask I ever tried. My hair feels too good after using this. Although my hair is fine and easily break, this makes my hair super duper soft without a way down, gives beautiful shine and smells good. Totally in love with this Hair Mask.

Perfumes -

1. Chanel Coco 'Mademoiselle' Perfume 
I am a crazy perfume lady! This is my absolute favorite perfume, perfect for parties even for day time party. Smells super feminine but still warm with a hint of Vanilla. Long lasting, although this is not a floral perfume but the whole spring time I love to apply this. Loving it!

2. Burberry 'Body' Perfume
From the past 3 years, the one perfume which always comes in my top list is this perfume. This is feminine, classy and unique perfume where you can smell the fruit like peaches, warm like sandalwood and little vanilla & musk. Love Love Love the smell!

Nail Polish -

1. OPI Nail Lacquer in 'Shorts Story'
This Nail Polish is in a beautiful shade of Pink. This is a very subtle shade, not like neon pinks. I can say that this is a perfect shade for working women. If you want to look presentable but not over the top, this color is for you.

2. LA Color Last Nail Polish in 'Legend'
Speaking of Pinks, the other shade which I love using in the springtime is the shade Legend from LA Color brand. This shade is super bright purplish pink, long lasting and looks amazing on the Nails.

3. OPI Infinite Shine 2 in 'Brains & Bronze'
Apart from the Pink the one shade which I absolutely enjoy, another shade is perfect nude brown color. The Infinite Shine range is long-lasting and shiny. The perfect Brown shade which compliments all the skin tones.

Fashion -

1. Michael Kors Sloan Large Chain Leather Shoulder Bag in 'Damson'
This handbag I bought from the Michael Kors Store in 2017. The handbag is beautiful, plump in color, has 5 pockets and the size is perfect neither big nor too small. My go-to party wear handbag looks stylish and pretty.

2. Michael Kors Women's Watch in Metalic Plump 'Darci' 
I bought this watch from the Michael Kors Store in 2017 September. This is one of the most classy looking watched I owned. It looks super chic, lifts the look and goes very well with my party outfit. This paired very well with my MK Purple bag.

3. A.N.A Short Sleeve Button Front Midi Dress in 'Anne Floral Gold' Color
I bought this dress from the JCPenny this Springtime. This is a beautiful day time dress, neither too short nor extreme long. Perfect size with nice fabric. I love love love this dress, this is my summer party dress which looks and feel great in hot days.


Entertainment -

1. Just Add Magic Series
On April I watched this series which is on Amazon Prime. The Series is about Kelly Quinn and her two best friends, Darbie and Hannah. This girls find Kelly's grandmother's cookbook in the attic and discover some strange recipes. They soon begin to realize they have a recipe book full of magic recipes. In every episode, they cook something to solve the case. Although the whole series revolves around these 3 kids, I still love watching the Series.

2. Guardians Of The Galaxy Movies
Last month on TV I watched the first part of the movie and really liked it. All the cast are amazing with amazing story writing. My favorite character was small Groot, he was super cute.  Love both the parts and waiting for the third one to come.

3. Avenger The EndGame Movie
I guess you all know the grill, there is nothing new to say. I love all the Avenger Movies and this movie is in the must-watch list. Totally enjoyed it, love the way they connected all the past Avenger Movies, but also feeling very sad about how they ended Captain America and Iron Man roles. Still Great Movie!

4. Disney Aladdin Movie
Aladdin was and is my favorite character! When I was a kid, I loved to watch Aladdin Cartoon even I used to play computer games. When I heard Disney is coming with this Movie, I was very excited. The move is about how Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine & fall in love. To impress her he finds the magical lamp & then meets Genie. The whole magical journey of love, friendship, and courage. All the characters acted so well, from Jasmine to Aladdin to Genie, loved everyones acting. Must watch movie!

Food -

1. Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher by Starbucks
As the days are getting hotter I love to drink Water Based Cold Drinks. This Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher is my current favorite drink from Starbucks. Love the taste of Mango with little Dragon twist.

2. Cadbury Fruit n Nut Chocolate
When I was in India I used to love this Chocolate. From the past 5 years, I only like to eat Dark Chocolates. Last month I was very hungry and want to eat chocolate when I spotted this at the Indian Store. First, two-bite was way too sweet and then I started liking it again. Oh God! How much I miss the taste of this Chocolate. Now I am back in love with this Chocolate and every week I eat 3-4 chocolates.

Places & Stores -

1. Inchin Bamboo Resturant
Veg. Momos are my favorite and only in Inchin Bamboo, we found Momos here in the States. Apart from Momos, this is the best place to eat other Indo-Chinese foods. We went many times there in the last 2 months.


2. Olive Garden Resturant
Start your meal with Bread and Salad, then the main meal and then end with a delicious dessert. Doesn't it looks very fancy, well whenever I and my husband are super hungry and want a little fancy lunch, we love to go to Olive Garden. I love their bread, salad, lemonade, dessert and everything which is vegetarian. In States, this is our all-time favorite place to have Brunch.

3. JCPenny Store
When it comes to clothes JCPenny is my all time favorite place to shop. In April I found some amazing Spring clothes over there, from Dresses to tops, from floral prints to stripes everything.

These are my Spring Favorites for 2019. Let me know what were your Spring Favorites in the comment sections. I hope you enjoyed reading my favorites.

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