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Today we will tell you how to prepare Ubtan ( Special Beauty Pack ) to beautify your skin.

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Weddings are full of customs & rituals especially Indian Weddings & applying Ubtan is one of them. For people who are new to this term, Ubtan is a traditional Indian paste made to beautify your skin, especially for Brides. 
Most Indian Families have the ritual of applying Haldi (Turmeric Powder) before Wedding but there is one more additional ritual in some Families like mine, of applying Ubtan. Usually, Ubtans are specially made for Haldi Ceremony which gives a beautiful glow to the Bride & also makes her skin super soft. But in my family, Bride-to-be starts applying Ubtan weekly 2 months before her Big Fat Wedding Day.
Because of Work, I didn't get much time before my Wedding that's why I only applied Ubtan for 2-3 days prior to the Wedding. However, the magic of Ubtan was still there & it made my skin soft without taking any Beauty Sitting from the Parlor.

Ubtan for Brides | Bridal Special

Ubtan for Brides

The market is full of Bridal Ubtans yet as we don't know what type of products they use thus I prefer to make Ubtan by ourselves. This Ubtan is easy to make, can be used for Bride or Groom too as nowadays even boys want to look great.
In this post, I am sharing my traditional family Ubtan recipe for the Bridal Series. Even if you are not a Bride you can use this Ubtan once a month. This helps to remove dead skin, makes body super soft & also helps to remove unwanted hair growth & bumps in your body. You can use this mixture all over your body including face but be gentle on your face as we are including Dal as a scrubbing ingredient.

All you Need -

  • 4 tbsp Besan (Gram Flour)
  • 1 tbsp Haldi (Turmeric Powder)
  • 2 tbsp Red Dal Powder
  • 1 tbsp Sandalwood Powder
  • 4-5 drops of Lemon Juice (Optional)
  • 5 tbsp Milk
  • 2 tbsp Rose Water
  • Coconut Oil (For Massage)
  • Bowl

How to Make -

Step 1. For an hour before soak Red Dal Powder in little Water or Rose Water. (As it's in powdered form that's why we are soaking it only for an hour but if you want to use raw Dal then soak it overnight in water & then blend to get paste).
Step 2. Mix all the ingredients in a Bowl with Dal paste except Coconut Oil.
Step 3. Make sure that Ubtan is thick; we don't need watery consistency. Mix it very well so you don't get any clumps.

How to Apply -

Step 1. Start with a clean body.
Step 2. Apply a thick layer of Ubtan all over your body by using Hands.
Step 3. Leave it for 20-25 mins.
Step 4. Once it's about 80% dry, take little Coconut Oil on your Palm & start massaging in a circular motion on your body. Your Ubtan will start coming out of your body. Don't worry if it does not get removed completely.
Step 5. When you are done with massage all over your body, take a bath with Lukewarm Water & follow with normal water. Don't use soap for at least 15 hours after using this Ubtan.
Step 6. After the bath, apply a good Moisturizer & a lip balm.
Repeat this Ubtan once or twice a week for 2 months before Wedding.

Ubtan for Brides | Bridal Special

Points to Remember -

1. Remember always do a patch test with any Ubtan/Packs/Masks or Creams whenever you are applying it for the first time.
2. Usually, people apply this Ubtan daily but I don't recommend doing this as it will do too much scrubbing which is not good for the skin.
3. Never apply this Ubtan before or after Waxing or Bleaching.
4. If you really want to apply the Ubtan very frequently like daily then don't add Lemon & Dal.
5. Grind Red Dal in advance so that you don't need to make this paste every time & store this in a box. But yes always soak this an hour before.
6. If your skin is very oily then don't use Milk, go with Rose Water only or add a small amount of Milk. And also don't massage it with Coconut Oil.
7. If your skin is super dry then you can use Milk Cream instead of Milk.
8. As it contains Lemon so it might give you little sensitivity. Don't add Lemon if your skin is too sensitive.
9. If you have sensitive skin like me you may feel that your skin has become little red after wash, but a few minutes later it will become normal so don't worry.

Benefits of the Pack - 

  • Exfoliating.
  • Hydrating.
  • Brightens up.
  • Gives Glow.
  • Moisturizes.
  • Makes skin super soft.
  • Removes Dead & Dull skin.

I hope you have liked this Bridal Ubtan. Anyone can use this Ubtan in your family even if you are not a bride you can use this Ubtan as an exfoliator once a month. This makes your body soft & removes dead skin. It is winters friendly! So next time don't buy Ubtans from the market, make it at home!! Do try it at home & let me know your feedback.

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