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We hope you guys are enjoying the Bridal Posts shared till now. Today we will go through another post related to Brides.
You planned your Wedding Day perfectly. You checked each item twice & thrice. But there are still chances that anything can go wrong. It might be something like your wedding dress get little torn off or you get a strong headache in between the day. Don't worry I am not scaring you. The point I want to mention is that you should always be prepared for any emergency specially during wedding. It is better to be prepared then worried later.

Emergency Kit for Brides

Today's post is in connection with the same topic. We are sharing Bridal Emergency Kit. Previous posts we have seen Makeup Kit & SkinCare Kit. Emergency Kit is as important as those two. Lets hope for the best & prepare for the worst :)
Here is the list of items for Bridal Emergency Kit :-

1. Safety Pins :- 
You should always have some extra safety pins handy, your Dupatta or Lehenga may require that.

2. Hair Elastic
3. Bobby Pins
4. Comb
5. Dry Shampoo
For Hair carry some extra Bobby Pins & a Comb if your hair becomes unmanageable. Dry Shampoo is also a good option for instant volume & oil control.

6. Mouth Freshener Spray
7. Mints
8. Floss
With many consecutive functions & too many sweets your breath needs some freshness. Have a Mouth Freshener Spray or Mints handy.

9. Lip Balm
10.Mini Lipstick
11. Facial Wipes 
12. Oil Absorbing Blotting Sheets
13. Tissues
14. Mini Mirror
For a little touch up in between & control the oil & shine on face, these items will be very helpful.

15. Instant Stain Remover Pen
You never know which small particle of food can bring a big worry of stain on your dress. The stain remover pens will help you to fix your problem immediately.

16. Mini Perfume
For always smelling nice carry a Mini Perfume with you.

17. Roll On Deodorant
New Sandals during wedding might bite you, just apply little Roll On Deodorant & this will help to prevent blisters. It's a little HACK :)

18. Boroline or Vaseline
During any rashes & redness on your skin, apply Vaseline or Boroline.

19. Straw
Don't want to ruin your lipstick, always carry a straw while drinking.

20. Energy Bar
Anytime during the day if you feel hungry & unable to go for lunch or dinner, Energy Bars will satisfy your hunger & gives you instant energy.

21. Hand Cream / Mini Body Lotion
22. Hand Sanitizer
No time to wash hands, use a Hand Sanitizer. Apply Hand Cream for soft hands.

23. Nail Cutter
For an emergency where any of your nail gets out of shape.

Below are some of the Medical Emergency items. Always carry them with you.
1. Aspirin or Headache Medicine
2. Band Aid
3. Anti Allergic Medicine
4. Eye Drop
Chances are there that because of eye makeup, your eyes might get red. Eye Drop gives you relief & brighten up your eyes.

5. Cotton/ Ear buds
6. Pad / Tampons

The above list is a compilation of products of Wedding Emergency Kit by us. You can always add or remove any item in this list. We hope you guys like this post. You can also think of some situations which might happen & prepare your kit.

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