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Hello, my lovely ladies :)
Let's review our list once again.
  • Pre-Wedding things - Checked
  • Wedding Day - Checked
  • All the functions - Checked.
Now you are a newly wedded Bride & all the craziness is over. It's time for a little break & enjoys the holidays. Oh! Yes, it's your Honeymoon!! Time to enjoy, relax & make lifetime memories. This is your special trip with your Husband. This is the best time of your life & you really don't want to ruin this by taking stress or by being unorganized. In this post, I am gonna share with you Honeymoon Makeup Must-Haves.

Honeymoon Makeup Must Haves | Bridal Special

Makeup Must-Haves For HoneyMoon

BB or CC Cream
Instead of applying heavy foundation use BB or CC Creams, as they are lightweight & gives a natural look. Perfect for Holidays.

If you have Dark Circles & Pimple Marks which cannot be covered by BB Creams, take a Concealer with you. I recommend using a water-based Concealers as they are lightweight.

Go with foundation Compact like MAC Studio Fix. They give you coverage & doesn't make your skin oily. During Holidays I only apply Compact on top of my Moisturizer.

Pink & Red Lipstick
Even if you love Nudes, don't forget that you are newly married. Carry some Pink & Red Lipstick shades with you. If you are not comfortable with Bold Colors, you can take lighter Pinks & Reds. For daytime use Pinks & for a glamorous look in evenings use Reds.

Instead of Blush, use Bronzer for a sunkissed glow. They highlight your face & work as a blush too. Don't take over the dark shade of bronzer as we want a naturally glowing skin.

Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain
You can take Lip & Cheek Stain too as they are multipurpose. If you don't want to use Bronzers, use Cheek Stain for a natural Pinky look.

Take good Voluminous Water Proof Mascara with you to highlight your Eyes.

Take Water Proof & Smudge Proof Kajal with you as the end of the day you wouldn't want to look like a Zombie.

Eye Liner
Use a felt tip eyeliner as they are easy & fast to use. You can even take Blue or Purple shade liners too.

Eye Brow
Go with gel-based Eye Brow Product as they are long-lasting & your eyebrows will look neat throughout the day.

Eye Shadow
If you love eye makeup & you want to carry Eye shadow then either you can take a single eye shadow or take a full face Palette. I love The Balm Voyage Palette as it does not only have eye shadows along with blush & highlights. This makes it multipurpose & you don't need to carry so many separate makeup products. Also, carry an Eye Shadow Primer too.

Makeup Fixing Spray
For long-lasting makeup & Oil-free face use Fixing Spray. I recommend using the MAC one as you can use this as a Primer too before makeup. Thus no need to carry Primers.

Note -

This is your Honeymoon; the very first vacation with your Husband. You will get more chances of traveling with your Partner but Honeymoon will always be the special one. Don't just waste your time in getting ready too much or just clicking pictures or in stupid fights.
Enjoy this time!! Talk, laugh, relax, go for a walk, try new food, make your partner feel how important he is for you. Appreciate each other & fall in love.
Happy Honeymoon :)

I tried to cover all the Makeup Must-Haves for Honeymoon. If you guys have some tips then do share with us. We worked very hard on this Bridal Series, I hope you found this series useful.
If you want to cover any other topics then let us know. Guys do like the post & share it with everyone. Follow me on Khushi's World Facebook Page, Instagram, and Pinterest for more Bridal Posts. I will see you in the next post till then take care.

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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