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Triangular Popsicle Ornament | Christmas Special DIY

Hello my beautiful people!! 😊
In today's post I am sharing another Kid's special Christmas DIY, this time it's Triangular Popsicle Ornament. Very easy to make, perfect for Kids of age 3+ and takes very less time to make. There are lot of ways to make this DIY, in this post we are making the most easiest and simple one. Let's see what we need for this DIY!!


Triangular Popsicle Ornament | DIY

Peppermint Snow Balls | Christmas Special Recipe

Hello my beautiful people!!😍
Kids love Chocolates and love something new and creative every time. In today's post I am going to make something which get loves by not only your kids but also the whole family. This recipe has all the yummy ingredients; Cookies, Chocolate & Candy. I don't have kids still this recipe is my and my husband's favorite when it comes to desserts specially during Christmas Season. We are making Peppermint Snow Balls, very delicious and very refreshing dessert. Let's see how to make it!!!


Peppermint Snow Balls | Recipe

Snow-Man Tote Bag | Christmas Special DIY

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
In today's post we are sharing Dollar Tree Kit Craft where we are making DIY Snow-Man Tote Bag. This DIY is save for all the Kids of age 2+, you can make a little Painting Christmas Game for kids. I am sure they will enjoy this Game. This Kit already comes with Colors and Tote Bag!! Let's do this DIY!!!


Snow-Man Tote Bag | Dollar Tree Craft

My Version of Starbucks Peppermint Mocha | Christmas Special Recipe

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
I think pretty much everyone loves StarBucks Drinks specially their Holiday Drinks. Peppermint Mocha is one of my favorite Drink, although I am bit choosy about my Coffee and loves to make it at home. In today's post I am making My Version Of StarBucks Peppermint Mocha, the process is different from the traditional drink. I tried to make simple and trust me it tastes just like Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, may be little less sweet. Let's see how to make it!!!


Starbucks Peppermint Mocha | Recipe

Snow Man | Christmas Special DIY

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
If you are living in USA I am pretty sure you have heard about Dollar Tree. From long time I am getting requests to do some DIY from Dollar Tree stuff and some DIYs for Kids. This time I finally decided to do 3-4 DIYs from the Dollar Tree and also include some DIYs which are Kid's friendly.
Today I am making very easy DIY from the Dollar Tree which is dedicated to all the Moms out there. This DIY is Kid's friendly and they only need Glue from their side apart from this Dollar Tree Craft Kit. We are making Snow Man from the Dollar Tree. Let's make it!!


DIY Snow Man | Dollar Tree Craft

Black Friday Shopping Like a Pro

Hello people! 😎
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Thanksgiving is about family time but there is another side of it. Thanksgiving is also about Shopping with lots of deals and discounts typically called as Black Friday Deals. Whether it is Target, Walmart, Jcpenney, Macys or any other shop, they all give huge discounts to attract customers at this time. I am sure you guys are also planning to shop and take advantage of good deals. However do prepare yourself before shopping with our top Black Friday Shopping Tips.

Black Friday Shopping Like a Pro

Hot White Chocolate Peppermint Drink

Hello my beautiful people :)
I love Peppermint Mocha Drink and White Chocolate Drink both so I thought why don't I make a Drink containing both of these. I experimented and it turned out well for me. I loved this Hot Drink and hope you guys like it too. This will keep you warm in this winters with a delicious taste. So lets keep this festive mood on and get started with this Drink.

Rebates : What, Why and How | Black Friday Special

Hi Friends! πŸ˜„
Black Friday is almost here. This week is special because of various reasons but the most important is for deals. Every company advertises Black Friday Deals in advance so that all the shoppers are prepared in advance on what to buy and where to look for. If you guys have not seen my last year post on Black Friday Shopping Tips you can check here.


DIY Bangles Candle Holder | Diwali Special

Hello my beautiful people! 😍
In today's post we are sharing very pretty and traditional Candle Holder, where you can reuse-recycle and don't need to buy any extra stuff. We are making Bangles Candle Holder!! It looks very colorful, you can use any color of your choice or even mix and match the colors.
Let's see how to make it!!


Bangles Candle Holder | DIY

DIY Glitter Tape Tea-Light Candles | Diwali Special

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
Diwali is around the corner and from today onwards we are starting our Diwali Series!! In this series we are going to share tons of Diwali DIYs and Recipes.
Candles and Diyas are one of the most important part of Diwali also known as 'Festival Of Light'. I love using Tea-light Candles to decorate my Home but sometimes I feel they looks little plain and boring. In today's post we are giving new look to those by simply using Glitter Tape. We are making Glitter Tape Tea-Light Candles. Trust me this DIY should not even take a minute to make. So spend your minute this Diwali to make this beautiful Glittery Tea Light Candles. Without further delay let's see how to make it!!!



Glitter Tape Tea-Light Candles | DIY

Diya Aur Baati Barfi Recipe | Diwali Special

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
Wish you all a very Happy Diwali!!! Has that ever happened that you are all set to prepare one recipe and when you are about to start, you realized that you are out of some ingredients. Still you want to make something special and then you came up with totally New Recipe, which is extremely delicious .If yes then you can definitely connect with today's recipe. I wanted to prepare Coconut-Cocoa Burfi but unfortunately Coconut Powder was out of stock at my home. I moved ahead and decided to use Almond Powder with little twist. This Recipe turn out extremely delicious and Eye catching. I named it as Diya Aur Baati Barfi and must say this time I nailed it!!! πŸ˜‰ Lolz! Just Kidding!!😁 But yes this Recipe is pretty good and perfect for Diwali. Let's make it people!!!


Diya Aur Baati Barfi | Recipe

DIY WallPaper Diya | Diwali Special

Hello my beautiful people 😘
With gleam of Diyas
And the Echo of the Chants
May Happiness & Contentment Fill ur life
Wishing u a very happy and prosperous Diwali.
With this beautiful message today on this Diwali day we are sharing WallPaper Diya DIY. It is very easy to make and you and your family will surely love this. Let's see how to make it.


WallPaper Diya | DIY

Methi Masala Mathri Recipe | Festival Special

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
3 years back during Diwali I shared one recipe called Kaju Mathri which everyone loved alot. In today's post I am sharing another festive Mathri Recipe with a little twist of Methi. We are going to make Methi Masala Mathri, this recipe is just like regular Mathri but tastes a little different. I hope you and your family with love this Recipe!! Let's see how to make it!!!


Methi Masala Mathri | Recipe 

Get Your Home Ready For Diwali!! | Diwali Special

Hello my beautiful friends!! 😍
Diwali is an Indian Festival of Lights and one of the most anticipated time of the year for all Indians. It brings Joy & Happiness😊 & its a very good time for Shopping.πŸ˜‰ However there is one more string attached to it. It is Pre-Diwali Preparation in terms of Cleaning. Yes Cleaning! the whole house not just single room or place!!
Cleaning becomes a big deal for all irrespective of whether they are women who are home makers or working women. Most people get panic because of this & it makes it even more difficult to plan and clean.
Today I am sharing some of the tips which will prove useful to many people as Diwali is coming very soon and there is not much of a time remaining now. Let's see!!!

Get Your Home Ready For Diwali | Cleaning Tips

Instant Almond Rolls | Diwali Special

Hello my beautiful people!! 😊
I love to make lots of recipes on Diwali, but sometimes it gets tiring, these times I like to make very easy recipes which doesn't involve cooking.😊 If you are following Khushi's World from long time then you must have known that I love Instant Recipes. In today's post I am sharing another delicious recipe which takes less time in making and tastes great, we are going to make Instant Almond Rolls. Let's see the method!!!


Instant Almond Rolls | No Cooking Recipe