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Make Your Own Rose & Aloe Refreshing Facial Mist !!

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
Dear Sun God, Please go to settings>display>brightness & lower your brightness! Please you are too hot to handle!!
Yes it is one of the popular jokes in Summers. However it tells one important thing that the days are getting extreme Hot!! And we all want something which is easy to use and instantly refreshes our Face during hot summer days. In the market you will get so many Facial Mists but why spend money when you can easily make it at home. 😉
In today's article, I am sharing a super easy DIY Refreshing Facial Mist made of Roses & Aloe, which you can use any time in the day. It refreshes your face and this will help to set up your Makeup, a 2-in-1 Mist. It takes only 5 mins to make and you need only 2 ingredients which are easily available at Home. Let's begin!

Make Your Own Rose & Aloe Refreshing Facial Mist !!

Rose & Aloe Refreshing Facial Mist

5 Productive Tips While Working From Home !!

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
Who might have thought when 2020 started, a pandemic will shake the whole world. To stop the spread and for the safety of the employees many companies have asked their employees to Work From Home. Some of you might be doing it from the past 2 months, some even more.
At first, it looks favorable to many, after all, who doesn't want to work at the comfort of their own home, no long commutes, and traffic and flexible routine. However every shining object is not gold. Work From Home is a new reality but without setting some rules for the game, you will lose focus and productivity.
As you know I am a FullTime Blogger and working from home since 2014 and have a pretty good experience working from home productively. In today's article I am sharing my top 5 Productive Tips While Working From Home (WFH). I hope these will be useful for you guys too!!

5 Productive Tips While Working From Home !!

Tips To Stay Productive While Working From Home !!

Homemade Glass Cleaner | DIY

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
Do you have the glass cleaner at home & most probably it will be blue in color. Well, telling you frankly Glass cleaner doesn't have to be blue to work well though. :) You can easily buy the cleaners from the market but they contain toxins that are not good for our health and the environment.
Today I am sharing with you all, a Homemade Glass Cleaner which is quite simple to make & free of any harmful toxins which making it somewhat Eco-friendly too.

Homemade Glass Cleaner | DIY

How to Take Care of Ourselves while going Out!

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
We all are experiencing a challenging situation in the world right now. From the past 2 months, everything is closed, the whole world is closed. The biggest question is how long the things gonna take to be normal again? Are we safe to go out? Is it safe to reopen everything again? Well, no one knows the answer to all these questions. The only thing we know is that 'The Virus problem is not solved and Cities have already started to open still'. The thing which we can do right now is to be alert and take all the precautions. In today's post, I am sharing my tips on How we can take care of ourselves while going out. Let's see!


6 Tips on Taking Care of Ourselves while going Out!

Khus Lassi | Recipe

Hello, my beautiful people!! 😍
Summer means hot weather and cool drinks. What can be better than a cool refreshing Khus Yogurt Drink? Do you know Khus or Vetiver is a grass with a sweet and strong fragrance? From the traditional times in India, khus are used for its cooling properties. The other main ingredient of our drink is Yogurt. Yogurt is a probiotic, rich in many nutrients and also famous for cooling properties.
We have shared some yogurt drinks previously like Mango LassiRossie LassiCardamom Elaichi Lassi, and Gulkand Lassi. Today let's see the step by step process on how to make Khus Lassi, a cool and refreshing yogurt drink!

Refreshing Khus Lassi Recipe

Glitter Glam Nail Art !!

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
Did you girls notice that this year every celebrity, brides, and party-parrots were caught wearing Glitter Nail Arts. This Glitter Trend is getting so much attention that every single Nail Art Salon is combining different Nail Colors with Glitters. Of-course we Girls love Glitters and Nail Arts too! If we get this easy Glitter Glam Nail Art at home then why to waste time on Salon.
In today's post, I am sharing my version of  Glitter Glam Nail Art Madness. Here I am using Baby Pink color so that it does not only go with my Traditional Heavy Outfits but also compliments my Casual ones. Trust me, it's effortless to apply and lasts very long. For me, it lasted almost 3 weeks :) I hope you gonna love this Nail Art, so without any delay let's see how to get this look!


Glitter Glam Nail Art!!

How to use Expired Shampoos ??

Hello, my beautiful people!! 😍
There are so many different kinds of Shampoos available in the market. Sometimes we use multiple shampoos, one for Dandruff, another for Volume, and another for Fizziness. While getting different shampoos is good however the problem begins when the Shampoo gets Expired without we could even finish it or no longer suitable for our Hair anymore. And this is how we end up having the shampoo which cannot be used anymore for hair.
I also hate throwing the full bottle of Shampoos and that is the reason I figured out How we can use Shampoo even after it gets Expired. After a couple of experiments, I found a few useful ways to use these Shampoos!! Let's see how we can use these!!!

How to use Expired Shampoos??

Homemade Cucumber-Yogurt Face Pack

Hello, my beautiful people!! 😍
I love Summers. The weather is good and the days are long. People can be out and even by 9 pm you still feel daytime is going on. But the only issue in Summer is the Sun-Burn. My skin is super sensitive and it gets more sensitive with harsh sunlight.
In today's post, I am sharing Pack which is easy to make and you will find all the ingredients easily in your Pantry. This Pack helps to cure Sun-Burn, gives you soft-glowing skin, and also beat the heat with its cooling properties. Without further delay let's see what we need!!


Homemade Cucumber-Yogurt Face Pack | Summers Special

20 Fun Things You Can Do While You Are At Home During Quarantine!!

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
Sometimes in life things happen when they are least expected. No one in the world would have imagined a lockdown at such an intense level when 2020 started. However as we are heading towards mid of the year, many countries had already finished almost 2 months of lockdown and it may go even more.
Many people were shocked at the beginning, some were happy, some were unhappy and slowly many people started becoming bored at home. I understand it is not easy to be at home every day for this long period. Let's be safe but not bored. Today I am sharing 20 fun things to do at home while you are stuck with the lockdown!

20 Fun Things You Can Do While You Are At Home During Quarantine!!

Fun Things You Can Do While You Are At Home!

Veg Hakka Noodles | Recipe

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
India is a beautiful country and so is its food. Although Noodles is a Chinese recipe, Indian Street has its own way to prepare it. Today we are sharing how to prepare Indian Street Style Veg Hakka Noodles at home. It is very easy to prepare and the best thing is it can be prepared in a very short time.
With the delicious flavors of Garlic, Onion, Capsicums you will surely like this recipe. You can eat it during lunch or dinner or even during the evening time when you feel hungry.


Veg Hakka Noodles 

Skin Care Product Recommendations for Sephora Spring Sale !!

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
As you all know that right now COVID_19 is affecting our day to day lives. The way we live every day and also the way we shop. This is now the best time where we can talk about shopping. Sephora Spring Sale 2020 is going on right now and many people are asking me to share my recommendations. I love shopping from Sephora and I am a Rouge Member, who all are getting 20% off right now. I understand that whatever is going on right now, shopping is the last thing which we should worry about. But if you still want to shop and make yourself calm, in this article I am sharing my recommendations. Again I am only sharing my Top Favorite Skincare Products. If you are not comfortable to shop right now, don't feel pressurized, this Sale comes two times in a year; Spring and Black Friday time. Let's see what is on my list!


Immunity Booster Shots | Recipe

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
The season is changing and flu and virus are everywhere. It is very important that we take care of our immune system. In today's post, we are sharing the Immunity Booster Shot Recipe. With the same ingredients, we also make Homemade Immune Boosting Tonic for people who like Hot Drinks, you can check the recipe by clicking HERE. Let's make our powerful Immunity Booster Shots!


Immunity Booster Shots

DIY Bunny Garland | Easter Special

Hello, my beautiful people!! 😍
Easter is almost here and what better way to celebrate Easter than decorating our homes with cute bunnies DIYs. Easter Bunnies are adorable and our today's DIY is also based upon this theme. Bunny Garland DIY is easy to make and it looks wonderful. So without wasting much time, let's see how to make this DIY.


Bunny Garland | DIY

Homemade Hand Sanitizer | DIY

Hello, my beautiful people! 😊
As you all know the World is fighting the coronavirus. Because of Panic Buying and Lock-down atmosphere, it is getting very difficult to find some items, especially Hand Sanitizers, Disinfectant Sprays, Tissues, and Wipes, even getting food is challenging. We already shared the Homemade Disinfectant Spray on our website, you can check the article by clicking HERE. In today's post, we are sharing Homemade Hand Sanitizer. Let's see how we can make it!


DIY Hand Sanitizer

Homemade Sugar Peppermint Body Scrub

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
For a beautiful smooth body, we must Scrub our bodies from time to time. In the market, there are a lot of types of Scrubs available and the most popular ones are Sugar Body Scrubs. I was looking at the Ingredient List one day and realized that the market Scrubs are full of chemicals. I understand that those are more convenient, but what if we can make them at home.
Homemade Body Scrubs are natural and cost-effective. Today we are preparing super easy and simple Sugar Peppermint Body Scrub. Let's see what we need!


Homemade Sugar Peppermint Body Scrub