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How to Sanitize your Tooth Brushes | Cleaning Tips

Hello, my beautiful people!! 😍
We all brush daily, but do you have any idea on how much bacteria reside in the Tooth Brush?? Well, cleaning Teeth is very important and so do the Tooth Brushes. Today we are sharing Simple Tips to Clean our Tooth Brushes. I am sure whatever things we are going to use for cleaning, you already will have those at home. Let's begin!

How to Sanitize your Tooth Brushes

5 Secrets Which Every Winner Follows !!

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
We often believe that some people are gifted with talent and money while others are not. In reality its more than that. People who are changing the world were born normal like every other human being but they are doing things differently. Their success is because of the habits and the secrets they follow every day. It is a quite popular quote, "Winners don't do different things, they do things differently".
In today's post, we will see 5 Secrets that every Winner follows. If you also learn these secrets and incorporate in your life then you too will always be a Winner.

DIY Wiggly Eyes Binder Clips | Back To School

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
When it comes to School and Office supplies, binder clips come super handy. Today we gonna do super-duper easy DIY where you can give a new look to the plain boring clips. We are making Wiggly Eyes Binder Clips. I am using Large Binder Clips to not only clip tons of papers but also decorate some picture on top of my desk with the help of Binder Clips. Let's make it!


Wiggly Eyes Binder Clips | DIY

5 Makeup Products You Should Never Share With Anyone | Makeup Tips

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'Sharing is Caring', Have you heard this phrase ?? Well! what if I say you that sometimes not sharing is the best policy you can follow. Oh Yes! you heard me right. In today's post, I am sharing my tips where I will let you know the 5 Makeup Products You Should Never Share With Anyone. Although I have a long list, today I decided to share my top 5 products which I never share with anyone and advise people not to share. Let's see the list!


5 Makeup Products You Should Never Share With Anyone!

Happy Janmashtami!!

May the Lord arrive at your house and take away all the pain and sorrow!
Wishing you a very Happy Janmashtami!!

Sudama Ke Chawal | Vrat Ke Chawal | Janmashtami Special

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍 Lord Krishna and his friend's Sudama eternal friendship story is one of the beautiful stories of friendship and humbleness. Today's Janmashtami recipe is inspired by their friendship.
The recipe we are making today is Sudama Ke Chawal. Looks different right ? Made up of Mordhan but not a regular Mordhan recipe. Sudama Ke Chawal is an easy fasting recipe. This Janmashtami, celebrate Krishna's birthday by making something special. Let's see how to make this recipe.


Sudama Ke Chawal Recipe 

7 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Water !!

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
Do you know Coconut Water sales in the world is more than 4000 Million USD per year and is expected to reach 9000 Million USD?
Do you know that we get more salt from Coconut Water than what amount of Sugar we get?  The typical Coconut Water has 50 mg of Sodium and around 10.2 grams of Sugar per 11.2 ounces Container.
There are many more amazing facts about Coconut Water. Coconut Water is very healthy for hair, skin,  for face, for cold and even for plants. In Today's post, we will share the top 7 amazing benefits of Coconut Water out of the several other benefits.


Dry-Fruits Chocolate Energy Balls | Dry-Fruits Chocolate Ladoo Recipe

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
Raksha Bandhan is almost here, its time for Rakhi and delicious sweets. But what about health?? Why don't this Raksha Bandhan we give something which is not only tasty but also very healthy for our brothers? We are doing to make Dry-Fruits Chocolate Energy Balls, you can also say Dry-Fruits Chocolate Ladoo, Dark Chocolate Oats Bites or Dry-Fruits Chocolate Energy Bites. These only take 20 minutes to make, super easy, filling, extremely healthy and delicious. Let's see how we can make it!


Dry-Fruits Chocolate Energy Bites | Recipe

Tri-color Rice Recipe | Independence Day Special

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
15th August 1947 is one of the most important days in Indian History. India got its Independence on this day from the British Rule. In Khushi's World, we will celebrate this day by making a delicious recipe called Tri-Color Rice. Everyone can have their own version of the recipe and today we are sharing our version. But first of all, I want to wish you all a very Happy Independence Day!! 


Tri-color Rice Recipe

DIY Flower Rakhi for Kids | Raksha Bandhan Special

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
I like festivals a lot. They bring out a lot of excitement, love, and festivity. For this upcoming Rakhi festival, we have shared many DIY Rakhis. Today we gonna teach another super easy Rakhi which you can teach to your kids to make at home. These looks fancy takes 10 minutes to make and best way to engage your kids in this festival. I am sure your daughter will love this Rakhi and so her brother. Let's see how to make a beautiful Flower Rakhi.


Flower Rakhi for Kids | DIY

Beachy Wave Hair Spray | DIY

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In Summers who doesn't love Beachy Waves. In this Season market is full of Texturized and Sea-salt Sprays. In today's post, we are going to make our own Homemade Sea-Salt Hair Spray or we can say Beachy Wave Hair Spray. This is easy to make and cost-effective. Without any further delay let's make it!


Homemade Sea-Salt Hair Spray

Makeover of the Old Angel into New Angel | Redecorate your Old Show Pieces | DIY

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
Has this ever happened to you, that you brought a beautiful showpiece to decorate the home and accidentally it got damaged or the color get faded, now it is looking boring and dull? Well, it happens to me many times. A few months back I bought a beautiful outdoor Angel to decorate our Front Gate. Accidently it got broken and also got a little dirty because of Hail Storms we had in the city. I felt very bad, as l love my little baby angel. I decided to do something to reuse my little angel. I used some Paint and some Flowers and gave the whole new look to my Angel. Not only my family loved our Brand New Angel, but also I started getting questions about it, as it looks unique and more beautiful. This is the best way to redecorate your Patio stuff or to make stuff more festive for Diwali or Christmas. Without any more delay, let's see what we need to do!!


The makeover of the Old Angel into New Angel | Redecorate your Old Show Pieces | DIY

Capsicum Multigrain Sandwich | Recipe

Hello, my beautiful people! 😘
Kids and Veggies, it's not easy to combine these two together. Apart from that if you don't want to use cheese, then it's gonna be harder. Well! Ladies in today's post, we are going to make something which tastes too good to resist, doesn't have any cheese, very filling and full of nutrients. We are making Capsicum Multigrain Sandwich. The best part of this Sandwich is that you can make it for yourself too, this is the best tiffin option for working people and also can be served as a Breakfast and Evening Snacks. Let's see how we can make it!


Capsicum Multigrain Sandwich Recipe 

Five Do's and Don't for Bride-To-Be | Skin and Body Edition

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
In today's post, I am sharing some Do's and Don't which a Bride-To-Be should follow. Although there are so many things which comes in a Do's and Don't list for Bride-to-be, today we are gonna focus on Skin & Body's Do's and Don't. Let's see!


Five Do's and Don't for Bride-To-Be | Skin and Body Edition

7 Things We Can Learn from Who Moved My Cheese!! | Life Lessons

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
Who can believe that a story with just 4 characters who loved cheese, can be so powerful and interesting? We are talking about Dr. Spencer Johnson's book, Who Moved My Cheese. It's Fast. It's Simple. It Works! Yes, that's what is written on the back of the book. The book is about how to deal with Change in our Life and Work. Whether you have already read the book or not, today's article will be interesting for you. We are sharing 7 of the things we can learn from this book -