Detox Your Mind

Hello friends!
Hope you are all at your best in health & if you are not its time to be. In today's world we are all surrounded by lots of tensions and stress. Most of us are not aware that our mental health has an
high effect on our physical health. From last 2 years I myself too is getting lots of health problems because of the stress and growing tensions.
However life is very precious & this realization has urged me to start some practices related to detoxification of mind. Its just a start for me but learning the results I thought to share this with all of you guys.
Below I will be sharing some practices which you can try. Use your own judgement to see what suits best for you amongst these. So lets begin changing our lives in a positive & cleaner way.

Detox Your Mind

1. Stop Overthinking

Do you think before doing anything ? Its good but do you overthink it again & again ? If yes then you have this habit of overthinking. Imagine your mind as your house. Now if you have lots of unnecessary things in your home your house will be crowded & you will not find enough place to walk. You will also not find it beautiful. Same goes with your mind. You have to evaluate each thought you are having & ask whether that thought is really worth to give you that much stress or is it really worth to even give an importance. Try this practice daily for 5-10 min & evaluate your thoughts.

2. Stop Consuming The Garbage  

There will be lots of news keep coming to you every day of your life. Some may be good , some may be bad, some may feel you frustrated & there lots more. Focus here is that we don't need to consume everything which comes to us. I will tell you the reason why. If you hear something bad about any person even if you haven't met that person there is a negativity which comes into your subconscious mind about that person. Whenever for any chance you actually met the person somehow that thought affects your perception about him/her. From now onwards everytime you hear a news check whether it will do something positive in your life or negative. This way you can stop the garbages coming into your mind.

3. Live in the Moment

Many of the times when you are feeling sad or unhappy is because our thoughts for that time are either of past or future. There is a saying 'Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery but today is a gift of God that is why it is called as PRESENT'. Present is called as present because it is truly a gift of God. If you know how to live the moment then you are living a good life. Harness your energy, don't waste your thoughts on past which you cannot change or worry about future which is unpredictable. Instead put your thoughts on the present & make your present worth memorable & in turn this will make your future worth waiting for too.

4. Write it Down 

Sometimes our mind just get out of control. We feel frustrated, angry & so many negative thoughts just come into our mind. We need detoxification from this type of negative emotions too. One of the good ways is always carry a pen & a notebook with you. It may sound childish but it helps a lot. Write it down whatever you want to write, don't worry about others because no one will be reading this. Writing down helps in two ways; first you can express yourself without hurting anyone else even yourself, second after sometime your mind gets distracted & your high level of thoughts suddenly comes to normal.

5. Feel your Body 

Sit somewhere where there is not much of a disturbance. Make sure that you are in relaxed position. Take deep breaths slowly. Start feeling your breath, your hand, your feet. I am not sure how many of us give ourself even 5 minutes daily. I am not talking about doing any of your hobby or work etc, it is about understanding your soul. Feel your physical body & relax. Avoid thinking about other things.

6. Physical Activity 

We might be talking about detoxing your mind here however there is a little thing not within the mind which helps us here. I am talking about physical exercise. Engage yourself for atleast 30 minutes of daily activity whether it is gym, yoga walk or any other thing. This helps your mind to think fresh & give you a positive environment.

7. Shut down Gadgets 

It might seems very difficult at first but it is very relaxing. Atleast once a day preferably before bed time turn off all your electronics gadgets. Initially you may feel restless but if you practice this daily it will give you a relaxed & balance mind. Take deep breathes & try to meditate for 5 minutes. It will clean your mind & gives your a peaceful sleep.

Detoxing your mind at regular intervals is not only important but essential.  If you like the above tips do practice them & let me know how you like it. Practice it atleast for 10 days regularly.
Stay tuned for more such posts. Follow us on Khushi's World Facebook Page, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest for more Posts. I will see you in next post till then take care.
Post By :- Darpan

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed


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