How To Make Ganesha Necklace | DIY

Ganesh Necklace DIY with step by step instructions.

Hello my beautiful friends :)
Hope you are all doing good. People who love Jewelry will surely love today's post. If you guys notice then you all know that nowadays Traditional & Temple Jewelry are so much in fashion. But as usual, they are a little expensive. So I thought for people who want to try Temple Jewelry, why don't I create such type of jewelry myself. It's very easy & the outcome is pretty beautiful.
Thus this festive season I am sharing a DIY Temple - Ganesha Necklace which you can make at home, can gift it to your best friend or wear it yourself. I made the necklace as per the availability of items. You can customize the necklace as per your requirements and availability. As you all know that I love Recycling my old stuff so I used my old jewelry but you can totally buy new pearls.
So without further delay lets jump into the DIY :)

How To Make Ganesha Necklace | DIY

Ganesha Necklace | DIY Temple Jewelry

What You Need:-

  • Ganesha Pendant
  • Fine Cotton Beading Cord
  • Needle
  • Nose Plier 
  • Flat Plier
  • Red Pearls (I am using my old necklace)
  • Small Copper Glass Beads
  • Crimp With Loop (Optional)
  • 3 Jump Rings 
  • Lock

How To Make Ganesha Necklace | DIY

Making Process:-

Step 1.  Insert the Beading Cord through the eye of the needle.
Step 2.  Cut the thread according to the length of your Neck size, how much longer you want.
Step 3.  Tie a knot at one end of the thread. Use Crimp to secure the knot. Attach Jump Ring with it.
Note:- If you didn't find crimp you can tie the knot using the jump ring itself.
Step 4.  Slide a few Copper Glass Beads in the thread.

How To Make Ganesha Necklace | DIY

Step 5.  Put the jump ring on the pendant.
Step 6.  Slide some small Red Pearls in the thread, then some large Red Pearls followed by the Pendant in the center and so on. Follow the pattern as per the picture.
Note:- Please take care that the pearls should be in sync towards both sides of the pendant which will come in the center.
Step 7.  Tie a similar knot on this end of the thread. Use Crimps and jump ring to secure the knot.
Step 8.  Connect both the ends of the necklace with a lock.

Your DIY Temple Jewelry:- Ganesha Necklace is ready.

Note:- You can customize the color of the beads and the Pendant according to your wish.

I hope you have liked this easy DIY Necklace. Do create your own and share your re-creations with me #KhushisWorld.

Stay Special .. Be Blessed


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