5 Tips to Party on Budget this Year !!

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New Year is around the corner and people are in full party mode. In today's post, I am sharing my Top 5 Tips to Party on Budget this Year! Although there are so many tips which you can do at a party, today I decided to share only my five favorite tips. Let's see!!

How to Party on Budget this New Year

1. Skip Manual or Paper Invitation!

Printing Invitations or using Cards for the invitation is not only exhausting but at the same time a little expensive. Try to avoid these, instead go with a nice formal Email or if the party is causal just Whatsapp or Message them. Make sure you also Call them personally, this will make them happy and give you an idea of who is coming and who is not!!

2. Use the things which you already have and make your own theme!

Instead of buying all the party items go with the things which you already have in your home. For example; have a Christmas theme party, where everyone needs to wear Ugly Sweaters. OR Have a New Year dressy Party, where everyone needs to wear formal dresses. OR You can have a Hawaiian Theme Party, at this party, everybody needs to wear something Foral and Beachy.
We might have many things at home so there is no need to buy extra, just decorate something fast according to your theme.

3. Throw a Potluck Party

If everyone is ready for a nice Party then instead of making all the party food by yourself go with the Potluck. This will save your time and money, plus everyone gets a variety of food. 😋 And you don't need to spend a whole day in the kitchen.

4. Prepare Sweets at Home 

Although you can get desserts easily in the market like a big Cake or a pack of Cupcakes or Chocolates, still a homemade gives an extra personal touch. Nowadays you can easily get Ready To Mix Cakes. It will cost you less and you can make these in a bunch of variety, like Chocolate Cupcakes, Vanilla Cupcakes, or Gingerbread Cupcakes.

5. Go for Free Access Outing 

When you throw a party at home the chances are that your home gets messy very easily and the next morning you have to do tons of cleaning. If you want to avoid that, then go for outdoor Picnics! There are so many Gardens which have free access. The only thing which you have to figure out is on which day the weather is good? If the weather is fabulous then definitely go for a picnic. You can play so many outdoor games and spend a beautiful time in nature, plus your house will not get messy. 😉

There are some of the basic tips like Paper Plates so you don't need to wash dishes for hours. Try to find things which work for you!
Remember you are doing Party to enjoy and celebrate the time with your loved ones. If you are stressed out then you will not able to enjoy anything! Try to keep things simple and easy so that you will not be overwhelmed by everything!!

These are my five favorite tips for the party on a budget. If you have any tips then don't forget to write to me in the comments section.
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