Uses of Zandu Balm

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I hope you all are enjoying this chilly Winter Season. However with this season one big problem which every year we usually face is Cold, Body Pain & Headache. In today's post I am going to share one of my favorite product which I always carry with myself through out the year as I am having Migraine problem & this product works do wonders for me. I am talking about Zandu Balm.


Uses of Zandu Balm

I am surprised to know that many people are using this only for Muscles Pain, as there are many other usages too of this product. That's why I thought why don't I write a post myself & share all the other uses of Zandu Balm with you. I hope you guys find this tips useful. So lets begin !!

1.  Headaches 

For people with migraine problems like me, Zandu Balm will prove very helpful. I used to apply it all over my head & behind my ears. I leave it as it is & try to sleep for 1 hour.

2. Bug Bites

You find this tip little crazy but it really works & I recently discovered this. If you have any Mosquito Bites just apply small amount of Zandu Balm on top of this. You will get instant relief from itching.


3. Muscles Pain

If you have any Muscles Pain, whether its on Back, Neck or Knee you can use this on the affected area. Just apply small amount & do 2 mins massage over the area with light hand. Within 15 mins pain will start fading.

4. Cold & Throat

When you have cold, take little amount of Balm & rub in your chest & throat. The product acts like Vicks vaporub so helps to ease your nasal congestion.

5. Periods Pain

Now this last tip is extremely crazy & you might start feeling that Khushi is very weird but girls this tip really works for me. When you have periods pain & you don't want to take medicine for pain that time apply balm on your stomach, rub very gently & leave it. Take a good rest for half an hour & you will start feeling relief.

Note :- Remember guys this tips are for adult, not for children & old people as their skin is too sensitive. And also for basic use & normal pain. If you have any serious pain it's always recommended to go to the doctors. This tips works for me that's why I am sharing but everyone body is different.

Disclaimer :- This Post is not sponsored by any brand.

I hope this little tips work for you too as they work for me. So keep Zandu Balm handy with you & try its different uses next time. For more such Post stay tuned with Khushi's World. If you guys have liked the post share it with your friends & family too. Follow me on Khushi's World Facebook Page, Google+ , Instagram and Pinterest for more such updates.

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  1. I never there are so many uses of zandu balm. Nice post.

    1. Yes! Do try & share your feedback with us!!! Glad you liked this post. Take Care :)

  2. soak, and take deep breaths, allowing yourself to inhale the scent. You will notice that your body will begin to relax and your headache will be reduced.CBD & ADHD


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