15 Winter / Spring Beauty Care Tips From Head to Toe

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I hope you all are enjoying this winter. This season brings positive vibes for the whole year ahead and lots of tasty hot foods too. However today I am not here to share any of the things related to food or the new year. This is something for your benefit. 
Cold winters create dryness and dryness is not good for your hair, face, or skin. I know many of the places the winter season is on the end but in the place where I am living the winter is going on and I may have to wait till June for the summer.
For all of you, I am sharing some of my own favorite and personal winter tips. Please do read them because it may help us all to keep healthy and beautiful.


1.  We all love to take Hot showers in winters but it's not good for your skin. It's better to take normal temp water instead.However even after my above tip if you are as crazy as me for hot bubble baths, use look Lukewarm water only & limit your exposure to the water for a max of 15 min. 
The reason behind this is that the hot water decreases the natural oil of our body but normal water keeps it safe.

2.  Never use harsh chemicals on your body for a bath. To avoid this don't use chemical-based soaps instead you can opt for a good moisturizing soap or a moisturizing body wash. Personally, I prefer Dove for the soap & body wash however you can go for anything you like, even it can be a herbal soap also.

3.  Moisturizer! Moisturizer! Moisturizer !!  Guess who is our best friend during cold winters?  It's Moisturizer. I came across many people who have oily skin and they don't apply moisturizers giving their skin type as an excuse. But believe me, it's a Myth. We all need moisturizers irrespective of what type of skin we have. In wintertime, we should go for a good thick moisturizer or a cold cream as our skin gets drier with the cold outside.

4.  In winters we cover all our body with lovely jackets, boots, jeans but our face is the only thing which gets exposed to cold. It is also the most sensitive portion of our body which gets affected the most because of winters. So to protect your facial charm, instead of Gel Based Face Wash uses Cream Based Face Wash. It will not make your skin over dry.

5.  Moisturize your face in AM & PM. I know I know that I have covered a point above for moisturizer but trust me guys, moisturizing is important. Use moisturizer which contains vitamins. I personally like Vitamin E based moisturizers as it is good for hydration. You can choose your moisturizer according to your skin type.

6.  Oil Based Serum / Facial Oil. If your skin is developing dry patches & you are feeling too much dryness on your face then it's a good time to use an oil-based serum. You can apply the oil 2-3 nights per week and keep them overnight. Just take care of not applying that too much. Put it on your face at least 30 min before sleep time so that it gets time to absorb on the face. You can use any type of facial oil such as Olive oil, Grape-seed oil, Vitamin oil. My personal favorite is The Body Shop Vitamin E oil-based Serum.

7.  Winter Season is a dry season for Lips. Use Scrub for exfoliation for removing dead cells. Don't use chemical ones instead use homemade or natural scrub. You can check in my DIY sugar scrub. It's great for lips. Don't overdo it.

8.  Instead of thick Chapsticks use Lip Balms, which are liquid in form. The thicker Chap Sticks look easy to apply but it doesn't nourish your lips completely as it does not reach deep inside of your lips. It just creates another layer outside of your dead skin layer of your lips.The liquid Balms hydrate your lips deeply and provide the proper nourishment.

9.  Hair is a very beautiful part of your body and in winters especially your hair gets exposed to cold and dry weather. Always cover your hair with a scarf or cap, this will help to protect your hair from extreme dryness. 

10.  Hair Oil Massage.  We all know how important is petrol for the car, similar way oil is important for the hair. Gently massage your scalp and hair at least once a week. You need to leave the oil for at least 2 hours on your hair & then wash with a mild shampoo. 

11.  Condition your Hair.  As moisturizer is important for the skin after shower , Conditioning is important too after shampoo. It is always best to apply conditioner after shampoo. This will help to soften your hair.

12.  Heat is Harmful.  If your hair is already dry in winter season stay them away from Heat Styling Products. Heat can cause split ends and damage to your hair, especially when in winters. Don't use it daily, try to use them occasionally, and that too after applying Heat Protecting Sprays only. It will minimize the damage.

13.  How can we forget our hands? Our hands go through a lot every day, don't you think they do need to have special attention. After doing any of the household chores likes washing clothes, cleaning utensils, etc remember to apply good hand cream or cold cream on your hands. This will keep the hands soft, silky & moisturized.

14.  Cuticles are Important too. Don't neglect your cuticles. Many people don't know that starting 20's our fingers and areas around nails ( Cuticles ) starts developing wrinkles. Thus if we need to keep looking younger it is important to take care of the cuticles too. Apply cuticle cream or if not hands cream to the cuticles whenever you are applying the hand cream to the rest of your hands. Massage for 2-3 min on the cuticles. It will save your cuticles.

15.  Last but not the least our Feet.  
 "Aapke paon dekhe, bahut haseen hai. Inhe zameen par mat utariyega, maile ho jayenge." '[Saw your feet; they are very beautiful. Don't place them on the ground, they will get dirty] - Film Pakeezah.
 If you have heard of this famous dialogue you may get the importance of beautiful feet. Feet is as significant as any other part of your body.But this is also true that we put the least effort to keep them healthy and beautiful. What I suggest is to apply cream or oil on your whole feet before sleep. Also whenever you are going out in the cold cover your feet with socks or shoes.

I hope you will like the tips. Please show your support by liking and sharing the post. You can also follow us on Khushi's World Facebook Page. You can contact us with any queries or concerns. I will see you in the next post till then take care.

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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