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Hello my beautiful people! 😍
I am Khushi and I am the Founder, Designer, Author & Editor of this Website. My real name is Ruchi although after marriage my husband gave me a name Khushi.

I am a Software Engineer by Profession! Currently I am living in California from last 3.8 years. When I was in India I had my own Khushi's Kitchen Album in Facebook and I used to share my food recipes in other Facebook Groups too. One day I got a call from a girl and she asked me whether I take cooking classes as she wanted to learn cooking from me. That call made me very happy as I myself have not learned any professional cooking from outside. From that time I realized that I wanted a platform which is easily accessible by people and where I can share my knowledge without having to ask for permissions under another people groups. But as I was very busy in my Professional life in IT, I couldn't spend much time to do something for this.

When I came to USA I was on Dependent Visa so couldn't continue my Job. Initially I opened my own Facebook Group where I used to post all the articles but that was also limited to only few members. In June 2014 I decided to open my own blog where I can post all my articles and finally in Nov 2014 I converted it into my website.

I named this website Khushi's World as I didn't want it to be limited to only food recipes. I want a One Stop Place for people where they get quality content articles related to many things. I try to cover Articles on Food Recipes, Beauty, LifeStyle, Wellness, Cleaning, Craft, Jewelry Making, DIYs & Product Reviews.

In 2015 I got an IT Job here in USA but till that time I have already realized that I Love Working for Khushi's World more than anything and from that time onwards I continued this as my Full Time Job. Recently we crossed 300 Articles in Khushi's World and it is growing everyday!! My Goal is to make a Positive Environment where not only we can learn things and grow ourselves but also share the knowledge with our loved ones. Most importantly we should feel HAPPY! 😀

All the posts are written by me but recently my Husband also wanted to write something so you would see few of his articles in Wellness with his name featured. All the information provided in the Articles have been added with the best of my knowledge and everything is tried and tested by me before putting onto the website. We work very hard to make Khushi's World better everyday, with easy user friendly navigation & simple readable language. Our Priority is to make Khushi's World a place where you get the Best Possible Information. I hope you will find this Website useful.

Please take a note that we are not medical experts or licensed professionals even though we make our best efforts to give the accurate knowledge and right advice on the website. Read Our Website Policies Here.

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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