5 Simple Steps to Get Your Bedroom Clean Fast!!

Looking for decluttering your bedroom super fast, then read the 5 Simple Steps here.

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If Kitchen gives the Fuel for your Home, Bedroom gives the Peace! Do you get such days when you go to your bedroom at night and everything is super messy, how you feel?? I am sure definitely not in peace. Now, just remember the time when your Bedroom is nice and super clean. Thinking about those days only will be giving you peaceful feelings now.
You know half of the people love Hotel Rooms because they have super clean rooms to stay and sleep. The clean bedroom gives us a relaxed mind and a good night's sleep. Although the bedroom is one of the places in the home, it gets dirty the same way as other areas.
In today's article, I am sharing my 5 Simple Steps to get Clean Bedroom Fast! Let's see!

5 Simple Steps to Get Your Bedroom Clean Fast!!

Get Cleaner Bedroom in 5 Simple Steps

1. Remove all the clothes and other clutter from your Bed!

The first thing we need to do is remove all the stuff from the Bed. Put everything on the Floor if you have carpet. You can also use a tub or basket to put all the stuff. Completely empty your Bed. If you are cleaning on a daily basis and have only 2-3 things on the bed, then don't put those on the floor, directly place in their respective places.

2. Make your Bed!

Do you know just by making your Bed, the whole bedroom looks much cleaner! I have written a must-read article on Why You Should Make Your Bed Daily. After removing all the clothes and stuff, make your bed. If your bed sheets are dirty, put that in the laundry, I like to wash it every alternate weekend. If it's clean, just make your bed properly. You will notice that half of the bedroom have become clean already.

3. Clean top of all the Dressers and Side Tables!

Now it's time to clean all the stuff, you have put on top of your dressers and side tables. You can again put everything on the floor. Wipe the tables with an All-Purpose Cleaner. Quickly see that nothing is coming out from your dresser's drawers. Also, wipe all the showpieces and lights which are on top of your dressers and side tables. If you are cleaning on a daily basis and have only 2-3 items to clean, then don't put it on the floor, directly place those in their respective places.

4. Put all the Clothes & other Stuff in their Places! Clear the Floor!!

All the above 3 steps are going to take 15 minutes max, only this 4th step gonna take some more time. First, separate out individual sections! Eg: Separate all the clothes, books, food, makeup, and other stuff. Put all the clothes in the closet, hang, or fold it. Put all the garbage in the trash. Makeup on the Vanity, Books on the Shelf. Basically, clear the Floor and place everything in its respective places.

5. Do Dusting & Vacuum!

Now its time to quickly do the dusting. We already cleared the Bed, Side Tables, Dressers. If you have any other decoration and things, Clear that too, like watering the bedroom plants, etc. The last thing Vacuum the whole bedroom properly. If you have Wooden Floors or any other Flooring, except Carpet, do mopping too.

Pro Tips for Busy People!

1. Put some nice Candles and Fresheners in the room for a nice aroma.
2. Clean your bedsheets from time to time. If you are too busy then clean it at least once a month.
3. Keep doing deep cleaning every 15 days, this way you have to spend lesser time every day.
4. Clean your Dressers and Closets once a month. This way your dresser drawers always have clothes in a well-arranged manner and it will not look cluttered.
5. Clean the Windows and Curtains from time to time.

The best thing you can do is put all the stuff like clothes and books directly on their respective places to avoid messy room and make your bed daily. 

Remember giving little time daily to your bedroom is much easy than giving a complete weekend. Try these simple steps and I am sure your bedroom will be cleaned faster and effectively. These steps will give you a peaceful and cozy bedroom every day! Sleep tight!! 😊
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