Why You Should Make Your Bed Daily

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When I was a kid my mom always used to tell me to make my bed by myself. Making bed is one of the important tasks in my home, I never understood why it's so important to make your bed daily. After marriage I started taking responsibility for my home. And from last 6 years the first task which I do daily is making my bed & I got to know why my Mom used to tell me like that.
In today's post I am going to share the benefits which you get by developing one good habit, that is making your bed daily.


Why You Should Make Your Bed Daily

ONLY 2 MINUTES of Cleaning gives me Feeling of Achievement.

People often complain that they don't have time to clean and that is the reason they have messy house. Well! For making your bed you just need 2 minutes of your day. Seriously! 2 minutes that's all!! By giving 2 minutes you can clean your Bed & in the morning you start with a feeling of achievement. Such a small task will make you feel productive from the start of the day.💪

It gives the ILLUSION of CLEANER BEDROOM even if the Remaining Room is MESSY.

Even if you have complete messy room just after making your bed you will start seeing that your room is much cleaner & looking bigger. Although the room is same size the messy bed makes it look smaller & a clean bed make it more spacious.


Believe me guys changing habits or starting any good habit is the toughest part. But once we take the first step towards this we get inspired to move to second one, second leads to third & so on.
Once you have made your bed & see how clean it is, you yourself will get motivated to clean the remaining room & then your home. Regularly following this will not only make your home look nice but also your mind will be at peace. One good habit always leads to another; Clean Bed Leads to Clean Home.😇


AFTER a LONG TIRING DAY just by seeing cozy bed you will FEEL INSTANT RELIEF & will have a PLEASANT SLEEP

Have you ever thought whenever we go for a vacation & stay in hotels what we like the best in your stay? It is the clean beautifully made bed everyday of your vacation. Similarly after long tiring day of your office you come back to home seeing that your bed is messy, adds a bit of frustration to your mind. Lets take the reverse case. You come to your home looking at your perfectly made clean bed. Wow what a feeling it is! You will surely have a stress free & pleasant sleep on that bed.😴


As I told before one habit always leads to another. Today you will develop one small good habit tomorrow it will motivate you to take another. Don't think anything is small or big, start with making the bed every morning & see the difference yourself.☺ There is a very famous speech by Naval Adm. William H. McRaven, ninth commander of U.S. Special Operations on making bed everyday. Do watch it below :-

These are some of the important benefits I am sharing today of making your Bed everyday. I hope this article motivates you to clean your Bedding. Let me know after reading this article do you people feel & see any changes in your Life. Try these tips at-least for 2 week; I am pretty sure afterwards it will comes in your Routine.
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