How to Convert any Nail Polish into Matte Finish | Hack

Hello my beautiful girls 😍
Nails fashion keep changing with seasons & years. Every season brings new colors & patterns. And this season is of Matte Nail Polishes!! Did you guys notice that nowadays so many companies are launching their Matte Nail Polish Collections?
I really want to try Matte Nail Polishes, but I already owned tons of Nail Polish & running out space! 😊
So after a lot of research & experiments, I finally found a way where I can wear Matte Nail Polish of any color & the best part is I can use my Old Nail Polishes.
Today we are sharing a simple Nail Polish Hack to turn any Nail Polish into Matte finish. This Hack is very simple & you have to invest only in one polish.

How to Convert any Nail Polish into Matte Finish | Hack

Convert Any Glossy Nail Polish Into Matte Nail Polish

All you Need -

Matte Top Coat
Yep! you need only Matte top Coat, I recommended buying a good quality one. I like to use Nicole OPI Matte Top Coat.

How To Use  -

Step 1. Apply your regular Nail Polish all over the nails as you always do.

Step 2. Once it drys completely apply Matte Top Coat on top of that. Let it dry again fully.
You will notice that your regular Nail Polish color on your Nails has turned out in Matte shade.

By using this technique you can convert any Glossy Nail Polish color into Matte one. You can do the same during Nail Arts also, instead of applying regular Top Coat go with Matte Top Coat.
I hope you girls like this Hack & next time instead of buying so many new Matte Nail polishes use Matte Topcoat.
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