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Cleaning is an integral part of everyone's life. Not a day goes by when we don't have to do the cleaning of our house. We buy a lot of cleaners from outside but some prefer to have products for cleaning made at home. Today I am sharing a very easy method for making one of our own homemade cleaning products. It will be a little economical & also can be made real quick. We are making a Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner. This cleaner can be used to do normal cleaning of our house with dusting, kitchen tops, etc. Let's see how to make it!


DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

All you Need -

  • Empty Spray Bottle
  • Dish Washing Liquid
  • One bottle of Water
  • Essential Oil (Optional)


Making Process -

Step 1. Add two cups of water, add two spoons of dishwashing liquid & 7-8 drops of essential oil in a spray bottle.
Step 2. Shake every time before using it. You can use Tea Tree, Lemon, or any of your favorite essential oil.
Your All-Purpose Cleaner is ready.


How to Use -

Step 1. Shake the mixture and spray directly on the Counter Tops or the surface you want to clean.
Step 2. Leave it for a few seconds.
Step 3. With the help of Paper Towel or Microfiber Cloth wipe the whole Counter.
Your Counters instantly will look clean and the Lemon Essential Oil will make the whole area smell fresher.

Tip - This Cleaner is safe to use all the Counter Tops, Cabinets and other Surface. Except for electronics.

I have put one Spray Bottle in the Bathroom and one in the Kitchen, it comes super handy for quick cleaning. This DIY is simple and inexpensive.
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