Difference Between Sheer and Full Coverage Foundation? Which is best for You??

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In today's post, I am sharing The Difference Between Sheer and Full Coverage Foundation!! When I was a beginner in Makeup, one thing which used to bother me a lot is which foundation should I buy for myself. I learned Makeup by watching Youtube and reading Articles. All the people used to tell this, that they love some foundations as they have full coverage. Frankly, I didn't understand much as I was not aware of what was the purpose of the Sheer or Full Coverage Foundation. The same question I got a few times back from one of my readers. I realized that maybe there are people like me who are not aware of this so I decided to make a complete post dedicated to this topic. Let's see what are these Foundations!!

Difference Between Sheer and Full Coverage Foundation? Which is best for You??

Difference Between Sheer and Full Coverage Foundation

What is Sheer Foundations??

These types of Foundations are very low in coverage, meaning they have less pigmentation (color) around 8-12 % and more moisturizer. Also, known as Transparent Foundation! Some people also consider BB Creams as a Sheer Foundation. These are perfect for those who are having even skin tone and want the natural glowing skin.

These foundations brighten up the skin and make skin tone even without making it cakey and heavy. You can apply this foundation with brushes and fingers too. They blend very easily and give dewy glowy skin!!

These are ideal for dry to normal skin people! As these are very moisturizing these are also perfect for mature skin or people who have wrinkles. These also come with SPF Protection!!

Remember - These are very low in coverage so will not cover any dark-spots or blemishes. By accident, if you apply too much then don't worry blend it properly and it will give a natural-looking finish. Perfect for the daytime!!

What are Full-Coverage Foundations??

The Full Coverage Foundation is very highly pigmented. These foundations cover redness, dark spots, blemishes, or any unevenness on the face. Also, its time period is longer then Sheer ones. These are the best option for those who have problematic skin and want to achieve a clear skin tone!!

It comes in liquid, cream, powder, and stick form. It comes in medium to buildable coverage with Matte to Satin finish. It also comes with SPF Protection!!

Remember - These are very high in coverage so make sure you use in less quantity, also it is very important that you use the foundation color which is closed to your skin tone. And lastly, blend it properly to avoid a cakey and uneven finish. I like to use a damp beauty blender, you can also use the foundation brush. Make sure that you try this Foundation before any big event!!

Which type of Foundation is good for you??

If you have blemishes then go for Full Coverage otherwise Sheer one is a great option especially for beginners as it blends easily and looks natural. But if you have problematic skin and still want something light then try to buy Low to Buildable Coverage Foundations and use Concealer.

I hope you people like this post and found the information useful. I tried to cover everything which I know in a short post, if you have any questions then leave it in the comment section!!
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