6 Must Haves For Work From Home | Productivity

Today we are sharing 6 Must-Haves For Work From Home To Increase Productivity.

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Work From Home is a new trend in the world. Willingly or unwillingly many people have to choose the option to Work From Home nowadays. As a content creator I am working from home for many years and believe me it looks easy but within a few days, you might lose the interest and focus if the right things are not there with you.
One thing is for sure that the better is your workspace, the more focus and less distraction you will have. Today I am sharing the should-haves to make your Work From Home experience, comfortable and enjoyable too. So let's begin!

6 Must Haves For Work From Home | Productivity

1. High-Speed Internet Connection - 

6 Must Haves For Work From Home | Productivity

Work From Home means the only way to connect with the outside world is through the internet and phone. Although people nowadays have these basic necessities in their homes, still upgrade to a High-Speed Internet Plan. No one would want to be in an important Zoom Meeting and suddenly you get dropped because of internet speed.

2. Comfortable Desk To Work On - 

6 Must Haves For Work From Home | Productivity

Work From Home will tempt you to take your laptop anywhere in the home and work. Whether it is your kitchen, bedroom, couch, or any other place where you like to relax, but no matter what have a dedicated workplace in your home. A comfortable desk is the first thing you would want to set up in the area. Below are the top two suggestions with the affiliate links of Amazon -

1. TopSky 55" Computer Desk with Bookshelf - $179.99

2. ApexDesk Elite Series 71" W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk - $649.99

3. Chair You Would Love To Sit - 

6 Must Haves For Work From Home | Productivity

An uncomfortable chair will cause back pain and a lot of other long term issues for your body that's why it is important to have the best chair for work. I would recommend an ergonomic chair which is comfortable and of good quality.  Below are my top suggestions for the chair -

1. Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair - $72.99

2. AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather Executive Office Chair - $139.10

3. BestOffice Home Office Chair Massage Desk Chair - $103.36

4.  HeadPhones - 

6 Must Haves For Work From Home | Productivity

When you are at home, there are many distractions you will be facing while working. These distractions can be the sound of the TV,  food preparations going on in your home, or your kids playing around. Noise cancellation headphones are the best gadget you would require now. Also for taking calls and meetings your headphones are your best friend. Below are some of my recommendations for headphones - 

2. Falwedi Active Noise Cancelling Headphones - $39.55

5. Coffee Maker -

6 Must Haves For Work From Home | Productivity

Do you miss coffee breaks in the office? Just because you are at home doesn't mean you can't take any break in between. If you are a coffee lover then you can set a coffee station at home. This will make your breaks enjoyable and comfortable too. Depending on your budget and requirement you can choose the type of coffee machine you want to buy. Below are some of my suggestions - 

6 Must Haves For Work From Home | Productivity

When all the basic necessities are done like the desk, chair, internet, the phone you would think that you are ready to work. Look again at your desk! Do you have the pen, notepad to write, desk calendar, water bottle, charging station, planner, etc? Yes although all the accessories might not be necessary, they do help in increasing productivity especially when you are working from home. 
Some of my favorites are - 

3. Marbrasse Wooden Desk Organizer, Multi-Functional DIY Pen Holder Box - $16.98

I hope this article would have been useful to you. Comment below if you have used any of the products above or have some other recommendations too. The links shared for the products are affiliate links. For more such articles stay tuned with Khushi's World. Please show your support by liking and sharing the post. You can also follow us on Khushi's World Facebook Page and Instagram. I will see you in the next post till then take care.

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