Oreo Penguins

Hello my beautiful people :)
Oreo is always in favorite list of Children because common Kids love Oreo. Specially as the holiday season is going on who doesn't want to have something sweet & different. Also there is one more thing we notice with kids that they like food with good presentation.
Lets prepare something different and bring a smile to kids.


Oreo Penguins | Christmas Special

All you need :-

  • 5 standard Oreos
  • 10 mini Oreos
  • Shredded Coconut
  • Icing Tube Gel Blue Color
  • Icing Tube White
  • Icing Tube Gel Black Color
  • Different color Decorating Stars


Easy Way to Prepare :-

Step 1.  Separate 5 standard Oreos.
Step 2.  Press shredded coconut on the creamy side of the Oreos.( Discard plain pieces ) .This will be your base of the Penguins.
Step 3.  Separate 10 mini Oreos ; discard the cream. Cut 1 side of all mini pieces in half.
Step 4.  Attach this two half pieces to the body. It will be the wings.
Step 5.  Decorate the wings with blue color gel icing.
Step 6.  Use the remaining side of mini Oreo to make a face. Make eyes of the penguin using large white dot first then a small black dot on the top of it using your icing tubes.
Step 7.  Using stars make cute little legs & add one to the face to finish the penguin.
Step 8.  You can repeat the above steps to create remaining penguins.

Your loving adorable penguins are ready to be served.It will not take more than a minute to prepare this. Enjoy  :) If you guys have liked the post share it with your friends & family too. Follow me on Khushi's World Facebook Page, Google+ , Instagram and Pinterest for more such updates.

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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