Make A Beautiful Bracelet Hand Watch | DIY

Hello, my beautiful friends!!
"Time is money". You must have heard about this quote several times. Today we are going to make our own time. Just kidding! We will be making our DIY watch.
Nowadays Watches in the market are coming in so many varieties which often makes us confused about what to buy. The DIY Hand Watch which we are making will serve the dual purpose of both Watch & Bracelet.
The Bracelet Hand Watch surely will get everyone's attention. Do make this at home. You can wear yourself or give it as a gift to your best friends.

Bracelet Hand Watch | DIY

All you Need -

  • Watch Dial
  • Bracelet Pieces
  • Transparent Seed beads 
  • Black Seed Beads (very small in size)
  • Black Diamond Crystal 
  • Nylon Plastic Thread
  • Silver Round Toggle With Swirl (to lock the watch)
  • Jewelry Making Tools
  • Small Rubber Bands




Making Process -

Step 1.  String the Thread into the watch, add Black Seed Beads one by one into the holders attach with a watch.
Step 2.  Now you have Threads from both the ends of the holder of the watch.
Step 3.  Start adding Black Seed Beads on both the threads, then follow with Transparent Seed beads. Add two of them on each of the threads.
Step 4.  Take Bracelet Piece & attach it with both the threads. (This piece is having two holders)
Step 5.  Again add 3-3 Transparent Seed beads on both sides.
Step 6.  Join the Threads to make it one. Start adding Black Diamond Crystal.
Step 7.  Tie this thread from the Rubber Band, so that Beads won't come out.
Step 8.  Repeat the same process on the other side of the Watch Dial.
Step 9.  Now Measure your hand with the watch. If you want you can Add or Remove Crystals according to your size.
Step 10.  Once you get your perfect size, Add Silver Round Toggle With Swirl & make a knot to verify that it locks properly. Remove the excess thread. (If you want you can glue the ends & you can use tools too).
Your beautiful Customized Watch is ready to rock  :-)

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