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Sanitizing Kitchen Sponges

Hello Ladies :)

We spent lot of our day's time in the kitchen but we neglect the most important thing which is the key for our clean utensils.

Yes I am talking about the Sponge which looks good but contains lot of bacteria if its not cleaned properly.

Sanitizing Kitchen Sponges

Here are some easy steps to Sanitize Sponge  :-

Step 1.  Clean the Sponge with dishwasher liquid / bar.

Step 2.  Let the Sponge completely absorbed with water.It will feel heavier.

Step 3.  Put the watery Sponge in Microwave and microwave it for 1 min.

Step 4.  After 1 min take out the sponge and let it cool down.

Your bacteria free sponge is ready to be reused. This method will kill 90% of the bacteria.  :)

Note :-  Make sure the Sponge is not having any metal as then it shouldn't  be used in the Microwave.

Stay Special .. Be Blessed 


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