Sunburn Treatment

Sunburn Treatment

I remember the time when i was in Goa. In the morning my husband told me to take a walk in the garden. I thought its only for 15 mins so i didn't apply any cream & sunscreen. We had a private beach resort so we though lets spent some time in the beach.
      From morning 8 am to 5.30 pm we were there. I am having sensitive skin & it very easily gets Tan. But this was the first time when i got Sunburn.
     I had very little knowledge that time, so i thought i should scrub my face. I scrubbed the face. Oh my god my Sunburn became worst. I got big red spots all over my face. My face started irritating. I felt like hell.
     For the next 2 days I suffered with this burn badly , tried to apply lots of moisturizer but nothing seems to be working.
     When I  got back to Pune, I came across this solution. I applied curd. Within seconds it I got so much relief. My skin got normal.

How to apply Curd/ Yogurt :-

        First apply one layer of curd, when its settle down reapply the second layer and the final third layer. Leave it for 30 to 45 mins.
       Gently rub in a circular motion & wash it with normal water. Be very gentle with your skin. Once you are done apply a moisturizer.
       Repeat this process daily till your Skin becomes normal. It will not only cure your Sunburn but also gives you fairer & glowing complexion.

Benefits of Curd/ Yogurt :-

  1. It has a skin lightening property.
  2. It tightens skin pores.
  3. It cures Acne.
  4. It gives you Wrinkle free face.
  5. Its a natural Moisturize.

I hope this post will help you to cure Sunburn naturally & effectively. Take care of yourself.
Stay Special .. Be Blessed :)

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