Five Do's and Don't for Bride-To-Be | Skin and Body Edition

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In today's post, I am sharing some Do's and Don't which a Bride-To-Be should follow. Although there are so many things which come in a Do's and Don't list for Bride-to-be, today we are gonna focus on Skin & Body's Do's and Don't. Let's see!


Five Do's and Don't for Bride-To-Be | Skin and Body Edition

Do's -

1. Do your CTM Routine Seriously!

Three months prior start taking your CTM Routine Seriously. Use a good quality Cleaner then Toner and follow up with a good Moisturizer. Make sure you use products according to your skin type. These will give you clean and glowing skin.

2. Do add a good Night Cream or Sleeping Mask!

Adding a good hydrating Night Cream or Sleeping Mask in your night routine is ideal for the bride-to-be. This will ensure that the next morning your skin feels and looks beautiful, glowy, and nourish. Also, this will help to get a smooth base to your makeup.

3. Do your H2O Religiously!

Drink 8 glasses of water every day without fail. It very important that you keep hydrating your body. Shopping, Salon, Invitations &, etc, there are so many things which you need to take care of. But the most important thing which needs to be done is, make sure that you are drinking water without fail. This will help you to keep your body hydrated, gives a glowing skin, and also helps you not to eat too much.

4. Do take care of your body inside out!

It's important to use a good skincare product, the same goes for your body. Taking care of your body inside out is equally important. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, have your meals on time.

5. Maintain your Stress!

It's very easy for Brides to start worrying, there are so many things which they have to tackle. From her wedding outfits to makeup look, to jewelry, to inviting people, to packing her stuff and the list is endless. But if you don't maintain your Stress level, the result gonna be Pimples, Sleepless Nights, Dark circles, and Overeating. That's why always take time to De-Stress yourself. If you like Meditation or Yoga do it, otherwise you can Read a Book, do Painting, or Gardening. Anything which you love doing, add in your daily life to ensure that you are living a Stress-free life.

Don't -

1. Don't try new skincare last moment!

Don't experiment with your skincare products in the last minutes. Just in case if the new skincare products don't suit you, then it will start giving breakouts. Whatever Skin Care Routine you are following stick with it.

2. Don't take everyone's Advice if something went wrong!

If you are facing some last-minute issues with your skin, contact the Experts. Sometimes because of stress, brides start facing issues of Acne and Hair Loss, and then all the family and friends start giving their own advice. I am not saying that they are wrong, but using so many DIYs and taking risks at the last minute is not a great idea. Instead, contact a Doctor who will give you products according to your skin needs.

3. Don't forget your Body!

Follow a good CTM routine is a must. But! don't neglect your entire Body. Make sure to use Good Body Lotion every day. Also, keep scrubbing the Body once in a week, just make sure you do not use harsh scrubs. Shaving or Waxing, whatever you prefer, always take care after doing this. Apply your SPF whenever you are going out every time.

4. Don't be too adventurous with your Hair!

A nice Hair cut or color gives a whole new look to your personality. But doing, in the end, is not a good idea. If the hair color goes wrong you can still fix it, but if the Hair Cut goes wrong it gonna take months to regrow. Try to stick with your regular color and cut in the last few weeks.

5. Don't take Packet Food items!

I know Juices are important but don't drink packet Juices. They are full of sugar and other preservatives. The best thing is to drink Homemade Juices without Sugar or if you don't have time to eat raw Fruits. The same goes with other packet food items, try to take and make fresh meals.

If you have your own Do's and Don't then don't forget to share with us in the comments section. I hope you found this post useful. If you like it then do share this post with the Bride-to-be in your family & friends.

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