Oreo Peppermint SnowBalls | Christmas Special Recipe

Today we are sharing Oreo Peppermint SnowBalls Recipes with step by step instructions.

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Kids love Chocolates and love something new and creative every time. In today's post, I am going to make something that gets loves by not only your kids but also the whole family. This recipe has all the yummy ingredients; Cookies, Chocolate & Candy. I don't have kids still this recipe is my and my husband's favorite when it comes to desserts especially during Christmas Season. We are making Peppermint Snow Balls, very delicious and very refreshing dessert. Let's see how to make it!!!


Peppermint Snow Balls | Recipe


  • 6 oz Oreo Cookies Powder
  • 2 oz Cream Cheese
  • 1 cup melted White Candy Cane Chocolate
  • Half tsp Peppermint Extract
  • 2-3 tbsp Crushed Peppermint Candy (for Garnishing)


Step 1. Grind Oreo cookies in the Blender, I am using some white and some chocolate Oreo Cookies. Grind it until it becomes a fine powder.
Step 2. In a Bowl pour your Oreo Cookies Powder.
Step 3. Add Cream Cheese, Peppermint Extract, and start making the dough.
Step 4. Start making small-small balls from the dough and keep them on Parchment Paper.
Step 5. Let it sit for 20 mins or you can refrigerate it for 10 minutes.
Step 6. By using the Double Boiler method, melt White Candy Cane Chocolate.
Step 7. We want thick consistency of melted chocolate as we want to give the Cookie Balls a Snow effect.
Step 8. Start dipping Balls in melted chocolate, coat them 2-3 times so that it gets Snow effect. Use fork not spoon!!
Step 9. Place Coated Balls on Parchment Paper and sprinkle Crushed Peppermint Candy on top of it.
Step 10. Let these cool down in Room temperate for about half to one hour until Chocolate gets thick again.
Your delicious and mouth-watering Peppermint Snow Balls are ready.

- If you are not able to find White Candy Cane Chocolate then use regular White Chocolate and once it gets melted mix 1 tbsp Crushed Candy Cane Stick.
- For Crushed Peppermint Candy use Zipper Sandwich Bag and put Peppermint Candy Cane Stick inside that, with the help of Roller crush them.

This recipe is perfect as a dessert and can also add glitter to your Party. I am very sure that your kids and even adults will love this Snow Balls. Try this recipe and share your feedback with your recipe pictures. Love to see them!! If you have any Recipe Request then write us an email or in the comments section. Enjoy this Christmas Season with your loved ones!!!
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