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Snow-Man Tote Bag | Christmas Special DIY

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
In today's post we are sharing Dollar Tree Kit Craft where we are making DIY Snow-Man Tote Bag. This DIY is save for all the Kids of age 2+, you can make a little Painting Christmas Game for kids. I am sure they will enjoy this Game. This Kit already comes with Colors and Tote Bag!! Let's do this DIY!!!


Snow-Man Tote Bag | Dollar Tree Craft

All you Need :-

  • DIY Tote Bag by Crafter's Square (Snow Man Tote Bag)
  • Brush Tip Color Markers (Optional)
  • Old Notebook

Making Process :-

Step 1. Separate the colors and the Tote Bag, then give it to your kids.
Step 2. Place Notebook inside Tote Bag so that color won't transfer from one side to other.
Step 3. Now color the snow man image with Color Markers and enjoy.
Step 4. Leave it for 5-10 minutes so that colors dries completely and then remove the Notebook.
That's it! Your Kid's Cute Tote Bag is ready!!

Note :- This Kit already comes with 4 colors still I recommended to give your kids extra colors, just in-case they want different shades. I am using my Old Markers, you can find a pack of Markers at the Dollar Tree and so the Notebook.

You can be more creative and add few Gems. This is very cute and easy DIY for your Kids; give them on Christmas and I am sure they gonna love to paint it. This is a good way to engage your Kids on Christmas while teaching them painting. Don't forget to share your Kid's recreation pictures with us, will post them in our website.
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Merry Christmas!! 😊

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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