DIY 3-D Bunny Frame | Easter Special

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Happy Easter to Everyone :) I love making DIYs, this Easter festival also we are going to decorate our home with a beautiful DIY 3D Bunny Frame. If your kids love bunnies this frame will give them a lot of joy. This is not only very easy to make but also you can customize it if you want. Cute, Adorable and Lovely Bunnies will melt the heart of everyone who comes to see your home this Easter. So without further delay, let's see how to make this artistic DIY 3D Bunny Frame.


3-D Bunny Frame | DIY

All You Need -

  • Floral Printed Paper Sheet (Scrapbook Paper)
  • White Paper Sheet
  • Colorful Pom-Pom
  • Pencil
  • Black Marker
  • Frame
  • Printed Bunny Template or Bunny Drawing
  • Scissors 
  • White Glue or Glue Stick

Making Process -

Step 1. Either you can draw Bunny on a piece of paper or print-out Bunny. You can find a lot of printables on the internet for Bunny.
Step 2. Cut all the edges of the Bunny and use this as a Stencil.
Step 3. By using this Bunny Stencil, draw 3 Bunnies on a White Paper Sheet using Pencil.
Step 4. Cut down all the extra edges. You will have now 3 White Bunnies.
Step 5. Outline all the 3 Bunnies by using the Black Marker.

Step 6. Cut the Floral Printed Paper Sheet according to your Frame size.
Step 7. Now with the help of Glue Stick, stick all the 3 White Bunnies on the middle of the Floral Printed Paper Sheet one by one.
Step 8. Stick one Pom-pom on the bottom part of the Bunny by using White Glue. It will serve as a tail for the Bunny.
Step 9. Let everything dry out completely. You will get your 3-D Bunny Floral Paper ready.

Step 10. Time to place everything on a frame.
Step 11. Remove Mirror from the frame and place your 3-D Bunny Floral Paper ready on top of the frame. You can place the mirror on the back side of the frame to support it.
Step 12. Secure everything on the back side of the frame.
Your nice 3-D Bunny Frame is ready! Decorate it and make your home looking more festive this Easter.

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Try this easy DIY in this Easter and let us know your feedback in the comment section. I hope you found this post useful! If yes then please share it with your friends and family.
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