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I love picture frames & I have collected many frames in my home. Most of them are hanging on walls but still few of them are taking place in my drawer. Starting this Year while decluttering some of my stuff I thought of donating those extra frames but then I thought can I use them for some other purpose??
For very long time I was also looking for Beautiful Tray for Perfumes, my Ottoman & Bed sides. With those extra Frames in hand & some of the old Printed Paper Sheets an Idea struck to me on making a Tray out of those two.

And Yes I finally made it. It takes only 5 min & believe me it looks amazing. After making one Tray I felt more confident & created another. I loved this idea and the trays turned out beautiful. Best part is you can totally customize it; make your own prints or quotes; even polish a frame with different colors. Keep changing the prints in few months & get new look for the frames. Its always good to save money on things using DIY thats why I like using my old stuff & love Reuse & Recycle concept. Love Love Love this DIY!! :) Without any further delay lets see how to make this.

All you Need :-

  • Old Frames
  • Printed Sheets or Paper
  • Scissors
  • Scale (Optional)

Making Process :-

Step 1. Open the frame & remove the Default Frame Picture.
Step 2. Measure your Printed Sheets with that Picture.
Step 3. Cut the Printed Sheet according to the measured size.
Step 4. Place the Printed Sheet on Frame & lock it properly.

Wohlaa!!! Your very own new Frame Tray is ready.
You can decorate it anywhere you like; I like to use it on my Bed sides or over the top of my Ottoman & the other one I am using it as a Perfume Tray.

Note :- You can use Scale to measure a Sheet if you want, And if you are under age then don't forget to take help from your Mom or Dad for Cutting. Also be careful while removing the glass of the frame as it has very Sharp edges.

This will takes only 5 mins & you can give a totally new look to your old Frame by using this technique.
Do try this DIY! Be creative & make as many Trays from your Old Frames. Try different patterns & colors!! :)
Don't forget to share your recreations with me!!
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