5 Effective Stress Busting Foods

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STRESS!! In Today's life, one thing which is always attached to us no matter how much we try to avoid is Stress. Stress is your evil buddy who sticks with you in your Office, Home, Relationship. It is like Everywhere. Stress changes your mood, can make you suddenly sad from happy, make you like a sleepless zombie, takes peace from your everyday's life. And the worst thing is it affects your health in long run.


5 Effective Stress Busting Foods

Although removing Stress from your Life is not easy like preparing Maggi! It takes your effort & time!! However, sometimes we need quick ways to at-least get relief from our stress anxieties.
Thus in Today's post, I am gonna share my 5 favorite foods which can help you to fight from Anxiety & Stress. Also, these foods will give you daily nutrition as required by our body to have a healthy & peaceful mind.

1. Dark Chocolate:-

This is number 1 in my list because I myself love Dark Chocolates :) There has been research which has proved that people having Dark Chocolate every day had lower levels of Stress hormones as compared to people who didn't have the chocolates. So now you know what you need to buy when you go to Grocery Store next time.
Eating Dark Chocolates is good but don't finish the complete bar in one day instead take a bite or two every day for its health benefits.

2. Milk:-

Milk is a power pack with many Nutrients & especially Vitamin D. Milk can be taken either in morning or night. The morning will charge you for the day & night it will help you to have a Stressful mind & peaceful sleep.

3. Nuts:-

Almonds, Pistachios & other Nuts contain healthy fats. These Nuts protects you from Stress.
Pistachios contain Vitamin E which boosts your Immune System & thus lowers our Stress level. Same as other foods just make sure on how much you are eating. Don't overdo it.

4. Green Leafy Vegetables:-

Green Leafy Vegetables like Spinach contains Magnesium. Less magnesium triggers Headache & fatigue which increases the Stress. Eating Spinach increases your Magnesium in body & helps you in getting rid of the problem.

5. Oranges:-

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C which are effective in curbing the Stress hormones called Cortisone.
So next time when you are in stress mode get yourself an Orange juice or an Orange as a whole.

If next time you people are getting Anxiety & Stress you know that you have to go to your pantry & eat one of these foods.😊 These are little quick fixes but of-course for permanent results you have to change your lifestyle for good.

I hope you people liked this post. Do try & let me know your experience. Also if you have more suggestions on Stress busting foods you can share with me. See you on my next post till the time enjoy the day. Follow me on Khushi's World Facebook Page, Instagram and Pinterest for regular updates.

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