Instant Puffy Eye Relief | Beauty Hack #1

Hello, my beautiful people :)
I hope you all are doing great! Winters are the time when we have lots of Festivals & a lot of Weddings. Many functions, get-together, late-night parties seem great but at the same time, our body gets too tired, especially our Eyes!!
I often faced Puffiness on my Eyes, especially during Morning time. They look so dull & tired! Mornings are usually busy so we don't get much time to fix it. And the worst part is Puffy Eyes make you look so sick; that people think that you are sick.
Do you guys too get Puffiness around your Eyes?? If Yes, then you will like today's post for sure.
Today I am sharing you one of my current favorite Hack which gives me Instant relaxation & reduces Puffiness. It's a temporary solution but does the trick & helps you to look awake in this festive season.

All you Need:-

Two Metal Spoons & Your Refrigerator :)

How to Use:-

Step 1. Refrigerate Spoons either overnight or I personally like to freeze 2 spoons in the morning.
Step 2. After shower takes out the Spoons & gently press them in your Under Eye area (Backside of the Spoon).

Step 3. Repeat the same with the other side too.
Step 4. If you have more time you can cover your full Eyes with the font size of the spoon.
Step 5. Once you are done, apply your everyday skincare products which what you do in your regular routine.

You can do this Hack anytime throughout the day, even after applying moisturizer. There is no right way! But remember place spoon only for the time that you can bear.
Cool Spoons only gives you temporary solutions & it is a quick hack; for permanent results, you have to make changes in your lifestyle.

Note:- This is not a permanent solution of Puffy Eyes but gives you temporary relief.

I hope you found this Hack useful. Do try & let me know your feedback!!
If you guys have any Hacks to share then do let me know too.

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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