Two Minutes Baseball Cap Makeover | DIY

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Do you get bored with your old items? I do get bored sometimes, but you can't just throw items out, especially when those are in good condition and you have rarely used. The only way we can make our boring plain stuff into sometimes new and cute is by doing little DIY. Today we gonna give a Makeover to our Plain Baseball Cap and turn it into Cute Girly Baseball Cap. The best thing is you only need some cute Adhesive Patches on hand and it gonna take only 2 minutes. Let's make it!

Two Minutes Baseball Cap Makeover | DIY

Makeover Your Baseball Cap

All your Need -

  • Baseball Cap
  • Adhesive Patch in Heart Shape
Two Minutes Baseball Cap Makeover | DIY

Making Process -

Step 1. Take your Adhesive Patch, I am using Glitter Heart Patch.
Step 2. Peel the back of your Patch.
Step 3. Stick the Patch in the front center of the Baseball Cap.
Your Baseball Makeover is complete!

Remember -

1. I am using Glitter Heart Patch, you can customize the Cap according to your taste.
2. Although if you want a solid and strong Patch, Iron on Patches works much better. This Adhesive Patch is not very strong, but it takes less minute and less work with no mess.
3. If you feel that the Adhesive Patch is not working well, use little Hot glue on the Corner of the Patch.
4. Buy good quality Adhesive Patch for better results.

Try this simple and quick DIY and give your simple Baseball Cap a cute Makeover. Let me know how it will turn out, also shared your recreation pictures with me.
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  1. They can also be made with different features such as Velcro / hook and loop tape backing, iron on / heat seal patches, magnetic patches and adhesive backing. Custom Iron On Patches They can offer you custom embroidered patches in many types of colors and fabric choices.


    Thanks for sharing!


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