How to make your own Facial Sheet Mask for Hydration and Brightening

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Facial Sheet Masks are the most popular way to treat your skin these days. The market is full of different varieties of Sheet Masks whether you go to Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Amazon, or Korea 😉 In today's post we are making our own Facial Sheet Mask for Hydration and Brightening. This Mask will nourish the skin and brighten up the face. The best part of making your own Sheet Mask is that; it's easy to make, free from any chemicals, and budget-friendly. Let's make it this amazing Mask!!


DIY Facial Sheet Mask for Hydration and Brightening 

All You Need -

  • 3 tbsp Rose Water
  • 2 tbsp Glycerin
  • 1 tbsp Lemon Juice
  • Dry Compressed Facial Mask

How to Make -

Mix all the liquids in a small bowl. Dip your dry compressed facial mask on the mixture. Once the compressed facial mask is completely soaked and expanded then only use this Mask.

How to Apply -

Step 1. Clean your face.
Step 2. Apply the Expanded Sheet Mask on the face. Cover complete face.
Step 3. Leave it for 10-15 minutes on your face.
Step 4. After 10-15 minute remove the sheet mask.
Step 5. Spray some Rose Water on the face and gently wipe it with Cotton Pad. You can even dip Cotton Pad on Rose Water then wipe the face. Make sure that it is wiped completely.
Step 6. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.

Things to Remember -

1. Try to use this Sheet Mask in the evening or night.
2. It has Lemon so don't go outside in the Sun after using this, it may damage your skin as Lemon makes skin sensitive!
3. Apply a good amount of Sunscreen if you want to go out that day or even the next day.
4. Always do a patch test as everyone's skin is different.

Benefits of this Facial Sheet Mask -

  • Glycerin hydrates and moisturizes your skin. 
  • Rose Water is calming and helps to reduce the redness. 
  • Lemon has brightening property.
  • If you buy Dry Compressed Facial Mask they will last you very long and you can make your own Sheet Mask any time. You can buy the mask using this link.
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