Spring Floral Nail Art!

Hello, my beautiful gals! 😍
Doing nail art at home is not as hard as it looks. Spring season is going on here and what better can be if we can have the floral nail art at this time. Today I am sharing very easy and very beautiful floral nail art. Enjoy this spring season and make many more pretty designs on your nails by learning this method. So let's begin.


Spring Floral Nail Art

All we Need -

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Pink Nail Polish
  • White Nail Polish
  • Yellow Nail Polish
  • Big Dotting Tool
  • Small Dotting Tool


Method -

Step 1. Begin by applying a Base Coat to protect your natural nails.
Step 2. Apply Pink Nail Polish on all the fingers.  Let them dry completely.
Step 3. For Flower Making-  Using a small dotting tool, take white nail polish, and create dots to create a flower-like structure on all fingers. Make sure the dots you are making are very close not far apart.
Step 4. Create one flower each on all fingers. For thumb & ring finger create three to four flowers.
Step 5. Let all the nails dry completely.
Step 6. Now use a big dotting tool with yellow nail polish & put it on top of white flowers.
Step 7. On thumb & ring finger using the yellow nail polish & with the help of small dotting tool, cover the empty areas by creating small dots.
Step 8. Let all the nails dry completely. Apply top coat to give it a finished look.
Your beautiful Flower Nail Art is ready!!

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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