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In my previous post I have shared Complete Guide for Bridal Makeup Kit. Today I am gonna share with you Skin Care kit for Brides. As Skin Care Kit is more important than Makeup Kit :) Here is the list of products which you gonna need in your Wedding time. I am giving you an idea about what you need to have in this Kit but not giving any product suggestions as everyone skin type & need is different. If you want me to do that also, then let me know! I'll make a separate post for them. Let's begin!!


Skin Care Kit for Brides!!

1. Makeup Remover

After a full day of Makeup on your face, you need to remove makeup first. If you want your bridal glow on for longer period then you need to clear your face properly before going to bed. Choose a Makeup Remover which removes Eye makeup & also Water-proof makeup. If you have Oily Skin choose water-based remover & if dry then choose oil based.

2. Makeup Wipes

Even if you have Proper makeup remover then also carry Makeup Remover Wipes. Maybe someday you get lazy to remove makeup, that time makeup wipes will be your survivor. You can even use them in between the day if required.

3. Face Wash

A good cleanser is a must for everyone's routine for A.M & P.M. Even if you are using Makeup Remover then also cleansing your face further with good cleanser is a good idea, it removes any residue of makeup & dirt. I suggest choosing Cream based Face Wash rather than Gel base as it's winter time & you have to apply a lot of makeup which gives you dryness. But Of-course choose face wash according to your skin type.

4. Day Cream

You need to moisturize your face for keeping it hydrated & to prevent breakouts. In the day time use SPF Day Cream & choose according to your skin need for instance if you have pimples go with oil control one or gel based cream & if your skin is very dry then go with hydrating thick cream.

5. Night Cream

A good night cream not only helps you to repair your skin overnight but also gives you glow in the morning.

6. Facial Oil / Facial Serum

If you don't want to use two different face creams in A.M & P.M then in nighttime apply Facial Serum before applying Cream. This will hydrate your skin more. Some days you can treat your skin with some good Facial Oils too.

7. Sunscreen

Even if your day cream has SPF, you will need a separate Sunscreen. There will be so many functions which happen in day time & you don't want to ruin your bridal facial & body treatments, that's why apply sunscreen all over the body; especially Face, Neck & Hands.

8. Lip Balm

Smooth, soft lips help to glide your lipsticks smoothly & hold it for a longer period. Apply Lip Balm frequently to avoid chapped lips.

9. Body Cream

A Body Lotion is must, I guess there is no need to tell you, people, why? A beautiful healthy moisturized body always looks great.

10. Hair Serum / Leave In Conditioner

If you have very frizzy hair then you will need Hair serum. This not even gives you shiny hair but also makes your hair manageable. I personally love Leave-in-Conditioner more than serum!! Leave-in-conditioner not only makes your hair frizz-free & soft but also help to detangle the strands.

11. Shampoo & Conditioner

Lots of Hair Style & products damage our hair & makes scalp greasy. To avoid that have a good moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner with you. If you have thin hair then go with Volumizing Shampoo.

12. Dry Shampoo

Maybe on the second day of hair, it gets oily & you don't want to wash them, that time uses Dry Shampoo. They are easy to use & gives you Voluminous Hair.

13. Hair Oil

A small Hair Oil bottle will never go wrong especially when you want to nourish your hair.

14. Body Wash

Every hotel & even your in-law's house will have these basic products but still, it's a good idea to carry your own ones. Carry a good body wash.

15. Toothpaste & Tooth Brush

Tooth Brush you know!! You can't live without this & you can never use anyone's else too. ;) Carry a small toothpaste also if in case you need your own.

There are a few more items which you should carry:-

16. Sheet Mask

Carry 1 or 2 Sheet Mask with you. They come very handy to pamper your skin as they are not messy & time-consuming like other face packs. Plus you can use them any time or before the bed; for your soft & nourishing skin.

17. Baby Oil or Antiseptic Cream

Maybe with long heavy earrings, or nose ring you get some redness. Carry a small Antiseptic Cream or Baby Oil like Boroplus or Vaseline to cure these rashes.

18. Hair Comb

This is the must-have thing to carry!! As you don't want to use anyone's else Comb!! Carry 2 different Combs with you, one for the kit & the other one in your Handbag.

19. Flat Iron or Curler 

If you love to style your Hair then carry a Flat Iron or Curler & don't forget to carry a Heat Protecting Spray with them.

20. Cotton Pads & Ear Buds

Carry this too for removing your eye makeup with a cotton pad. Earbuds come handy too.

21. Girls Things

Don't forget to carry your pads & panty lines with you. If you get your periods that time you will need them.

22. Other Essentials 

As you won't get much time to follow proper skin care routine that's why I didn't add all the products but if you like to add them, then do carry an Eye Cream, Lip Scrub, Rose WaterFacial Scrub, Mouth Wash & others.

This is my list to carry in your Skin Care Kit. I have also linked some of the best sellers of Amazon in this post. If you have more product recommendations then do share with me. I tried to cover as many products as I think you really need. There are a few more items which brides should have. I will share them in my next post.
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  2. Hi Khushi,

    What are your favorite skin care products? Could you also please mention those?

    1. Hello Sonia
      When it comes to Skin Care, Body Shop is my favorite brand specially their Vitamin E & Aloe range.
      I am planning to do a complete post for my favorite Skin Care Products after Valentine's Day.
      Thanks a-lot for asking!! :)


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