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Hello my beautiful People 😘
In this electronics age of gadgets, tablets & cell phones we hardly use notebooks ( made up of paper, not any gadget  😅). I sometimes remember the old school times when it was so nice to have classwork notebooks, homework notebooks( For some of us ).
I love stationery items & love collecting notebooks & pens. But notebooks' covers are not so interesting & sometimes there are too many prints on them which I don't like. Today I am sharing with you all a simple DIY to give your notebook a different look, making it more vibrant and more colorful, with a slight feel of velvet touch. To save our time it's just a 2 min DIY once you have all the requisites ready. Do try this especially college & school students, it will be fun & will make you love your notebook.


Decorating Your Notebook | DIY

All You Need:-

  • A Notebook
  • Cloth Sticker
  • Scissors 

Making Process:-

Step 1. Put your cloth sticker on top of notebook and cut it exactly as the size of the notebook cover.
Step 2. Once you have the right size slowly start sticking the cloth sticker on the notebook cover. Make sure you stick slow & properly so that no lumps should present on the cloth sticker.

Your new notebook is ready. Hope you guys have liked it :)

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