How to decorate your Pencils | DIY Pencils Makeover | Back To School DIY

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I always cherish the moments of my school time. School friends, teachers, homework, free classes, lunch breaks, etc. Wow! school time is one of the best times of our lives. For all those who are still in school & don’t like it that much, you sure will do once you leave it. To bring back all those good memories I will be sharing a simple very easy & little different DIY related to school. So take out your normal boring pencils & take it to the next level. This DIY will give them a new look definitely more style & personalization as you want. Let's get started!!


How to decorate your Pencils | DIY Pencils Makeover

All you Need -

  • Scissors 
  • Pencils 
  • Washi tapes ( As per your choice )

Making Process -

Step 1. As the process is simple I am summing up as take the pencils, wrap it with Washi tapes & finish. The above step is the simplest but what I used was a little different. I cut the washi tapes in small strips & wrap it up in short pieces individually as my tape was of a different type.

Note - It depends on the type of the tape whether it is straight or can be rolled directly. So whatever tape you are using you can wrap it up accordingly. See picture for reference.

Step 2. Just make sure that the tapes are of good quality otherwise the tapes will stay wrap for more time.

Step 3. Your beautiful DIY pencils are ready. Take it to school, if you have a kid give it to him or her on the first day & see the happiness on the face.

DIY Pencils - Khushi's World

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