Prettify Your Old Diary/Notebook

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We all have some old Notebooks/Diaries from which we get bored after sometime. I am talking about their cover on which sometimes there is even no print. Many people want to style it in a different way. Well in today's post I am solving this problem with only 1 simple prop.
I have a very Old Diary for almost 15 years, which is very special to me! It's very simple to look & I really want to change the look. But the big problem is that there is something printed on Diary. I don't like those kinds of Notebooks or Diary which have something written on them. But finally, I figured a way out & changed the look. I am really happy with the outcome. It takes only 2 mins & gives a beautiful new look to my old Diary.
Do try this DIY! You can totally customize it & do many types of experiments on your own.
I hope you will like this, so let's get started!!


DIY : Prettify Your Old Diary/Notebook

All you Need:-

  • Diary/Notebook
  • Golden Duck Tape
  • Scissors

Note:- I am using Golden one because the imprints on the diary are in golden color. But you can use any color of your choice.


Making Process:-

Step 1. Cut Golden Tape in triangle shapes. Even if they are not coming in perfect shape it is fine.
Step 2. Stick it on the diary front randomly anywhere.
Step 3. Fill the whole diary with Golden Triangles. If some space is remaining you can use small triangles & fill the space.

Your very easy & new Diary/Notebook is ready.

This will takes only a few mins & you can give a totally new look to your old Notebook/Diary by using this technique.
Do try this DIY! Be creative & make as many DIY Notebooks as you can.

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