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Hello my beautiful souls!! 😍
Today I am going to share another one of the Back To School DIY. Especially people who are book lovers may fall in love with this. Today I am sharing DIY Ribbon Bookmark which is made of all easily available things at home. We are going to reuse them and make a beautiful bookmark.
Another interesting thing about this is it will fix many of your problems with regular bookmarks like bookmark falling out from the book, damaging the books etc.
I hope you are now excited to read on the making process. So without further delay lets get started.


DIY Ribbon Bookmark

All you Need :-

  • Ribbon
  • Hair Elastic
  • Decorative Button
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle


Making Process:-

Step 1. Cut the ribbon of about twice the length of the book, you want to use this bookmark for.
Step 2. Take one end of the ribbon, fold it 1/4 inch and stitch it. Before stitching make sure to put a Hair Elastic in between.
Step 3. Take another end of the ribbon & stitch a button.
Step 4. Your bookmark is ready to be used. Refer the picture on how to use it.

I always try to share with you different things which can be easily made. Believe me guys if I can make it you too can. So just try this & let me know how it comes out for you.
Please always share your recreations with me too!!

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