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Do you guys love collecting Pretty Notebooks? I love collecting different types of fancy Notebooks. I feel very bad when our pretty Notebook gets over and you can't use it anymore. For a long time, I was looking for an idea on how can I use my Old Notebooks, as you all know how much I love doing Reuse & Recycling my old stuff.
In today's post, we are going to Recycle our Old Notebooks and will make Sticky Notes Notebook. This DIY takes only 5 minutes, easy to make, and inexpensive. Let's see how to make it!!



DIY Sticky Notes Notebook

All you Need :-

  • Old Spiral Notebook or Journal 
  • Sticky Notes in different colors & sizes
  • Hot Glue Gun

Making Process:-

Step 1. Remove all the pages from your Old Notebook.
Step 2. Place the Sticky Notes on the Notebook and decide where you want to stick them.
Step 3. With the help of Glue Gun stick the backside of Sticky Notes to the Notebook.
Your beautiful Sticky Notes Notebook is ready!!

- I am using here Spiral Notebook which is having a strong hardcover. You can even use a Notebook that doesn't have Spiral just make sure it opens and closes easily.
- Under 7 years old Kids please take the help of your Parents while using Hot Glue Gun.

So next time don't throw your old Notebooks, as by using this DIY you can recycle any of your old Notebooks. This DIY is very useful so do try and share your recreations with us.

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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