Pumpkin Orange Decor | Quick Halloween DIY

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Halloween is one of the famous festivals where people decorate the homes with all sorts of Spooky and different things. Some people like to buy things for decoration, some like their own DIYs. Today's post is also one of the DIY which is very very easy and you can do it together with your family as a fun activity. All you need is just Mandarins and Sharpie to begin this tutorial. We call it as Pumpkin Orange Decor.


Pumpkin Orange Decor

All you Need :-

  • Black Color Sharpie
  • Few Mandarins

Making Process :-

Take Sharpie and draw the faces as in the top picture on the Mandarins. And you are done!! 
It is very easy and you can decorate these Pumpkin looking Oranges with faces in your home this Halloween. You can even give it to the kids with Candies when they are coming for Trick Or Treat. I am sure they will like this even more.

I hope you will like this DIY. It is very easy, quick and inexpensive DIY. Do try and share your feedback with us, don't forget to send your recreation pictures too. For more such easy Halloween DIYs stay tuned with Khushi's World.
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