Boo Pumpkin Fruit Plate | Kids Recipe

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I hope you all are enjoying Halloween with your family. Halloween means lots and lots of candies & sugar for the kids. So we thought why not we make a healthy Halloween Recipe to add nutrients too.
We are making Boo Pumpkin Fruit Plate. Lets see how to make it.


Boo Pumpkin Fruit Plate | Halloween Special

Ingredients :-

  • Banana
  • Mandarin
  • Choco Chips
  • Cucumber

Method :-

For Boo Banana
Step 1. Peel Banana and cut it into halves.
Step 2. Take 3 Choco Chips and make eyes and mouth by sticking it on Banana.

For Mandarin Pumpkin
Step 1. Peel off Mandarin.
Step 2. Cut cucumber in very small pieces.
Step 3. Put a cucumber piece on top of the Mandarin. It will look like the Head of our Pumpkin.

Your Boo Pumpkin Fruit Plate is ready!! Decorate Boo Banana and Mandarin Pumpkin in a Halloween Plate and serve to your kids.

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