Creepy Monster Teeth Recipe

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When we talk about Halloween we talk about Monsters, Fear, Horror Movies, Costumes and Scary Atmosphere everywhere. But don't forget that Halloween is also about food. Today we are making one of such Halloween Recipe where it will definitely scare you but when you eat you will like to have more of it. Not only kids but everyone in the family will love this recipe. The recipe is Creepy Monster Teeth which looks creepy but tastes delicious.


Creepy Monster Teeth | Halloween Special

Ingredients :-

  • Apple
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Nutella
  • Choco Chips


Method :-

Step 1. Cut Apple into long slices leaving the skin on.
Step 2. Spread Nutella on one side of each Slice of Apple. It doesn't need to be clean as we want to give it a monstrous look to our recipe.
Step 3. Now Stick Mini Marshmallows on the Nutella side on one Apple Slice.
Step 4. Stick another Slice of Apple on top of it gently pressing the Mini Marshmallow in between.
Step 5. Your Mini Marshmallow will look like a teeth in between the two Slices of Apple.
Step 6. Make as many Apple Marshmallow Teeth as your want.
Step 7. Spread some Choco Chips on top of it before serving.
Your Creepy Monster Teeth are ready to be served.

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