Cute Boo Garland | DIY

Hello my beautiful people!! 😍
Hope you have enjoyed our Halloween Series till now. We shared many recipes and DIYs on this Halloween but how can we end the series without Boo. Today we are making Boo Garland which is adorable & scary both just in time for the Halloween. It is easy and quick to make. So enjoy the Halloween with lots of fun and family time along with this cute Boo.


Cute Boo Garland | Halloween Special

All You Need :-

  • White Foam Sheets in Boo Shape
  • Woolen Thread (I am using Pink & White)
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Wiggly Eyes
  • Punching Machine

Making Process :-

Step 1. Take Boo Shaped Foam Sheet and stick Wiggly Eyes on its face.
Note :- The Wiggly Eyes I am using already have the adhesive if you get without adhesive one then use your own glue for sticking. 
Step 2. Punch one hole on each hands of the Boo Foam Sheet.


Step 3. Repeat the same process and make 6-7 Boo according to your desired Garland Size.
Step 4. Take one end of the Woolen Thread and insert that on the left hole of the Boo and take it out from the Right Side.


Step 5. Repeat the step continuing with the same thread with all the Boo.
Step 6. Once you get the desired length covering all Boo cut the extra thread from the sides.
Your Cute Boo Garland is ready.

I hope you will like this very easy and adorable DIY. Do try and share your feedback with us, don't forget to send your pictures too. For more such easy Halloween DIYs stay tuned with Khushi's World.
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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