DIY Bangles Candle Holder | Diwali Special

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
In today's post, we are sharing very pretty and traditional Candle Holder, where you can reuse-recycle and don't need to buy any extra stuff. We are making Bangles Candle Holder!! It looks very colorful, you can use any color of your choice or even mix and match the colors.
Let's see how to make it!!


Bangles Candle Holder | DIY

All you Need:-

  • Glass Bangles
  • Tea-light Candle
  • Super Glue

Making Process:-

Step 1. Place one bangle and apply a one-one drop of Glue as we want to stick another bangle on top of it.
Step 2. Now place the other bangle on top of it and again apply Glue on top of its side.
Step 3. Now again stick the bangle on top of it.
Step 4. Repeat the same process till you get your desired length.
( Refer Picture if you have any doubt )
Step 5. Once everything dries out then use this as a Candle Holder.
Step 6. Place Tea-light candles inside the holder or use LED Candles.
Your beautiful Bangles Candle Holder is ready to use!! From now onwards don't throw your Old Bangles, make Candle Holder with them. 😙

1. You can choose any color bangles. If you are making with different colors then stick them alternately for a beautiful look.
2. Never use Hot Glue Gun on Glass Bangles, it will break your Bangles.
3. You can choose from 6 to 16 bangles, depends on how much length you want.
4. If you are using Kadas or any expensive bangles and want to use them as bangles too, then don't use Glue. The only place like Candle Holder, you can even use LED Candles.

I hope you like this DIY and you people are enjoying our Diwali Series. If you try this DIY then please send your pictures to us. For more such easy DIYs stay tuned with Khushi's World. If you like this post then don't forget to like and share the Post.
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed


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