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Multicolor Stone Beaded Necklace | DIY

Hi my beautiful friends!!
Imagine the life without colors. What if the leaves are not green, what if the strawberries are not having beautiful red color, what if you wear a beautiful bracelet & it is missing the lovely colors. I love colors specially accessories which are multicolored.
Today we are sharing a Multicolor Stone Beaded Necklace which will definitely look beautiful on all you girls out there. It is easy to make & will definitely give you an added charm.

Multicolor Stone Beaded Necklace


All You Need :-

  • Fine Cotton Beading Cord
  • Needle,
  • Stone Beads

Making Process :-

Step 1.  Insert the thread through the eye of the needle.
Step 2.  Cut the thread according to the length of your necklace.
Step 3.  Slide all the beads one by one on the thread.
Step 4.  Once you are satisfied with the result, join both the ends of the thread & tie a knot .
Youe beautiful Necklace is ready.

You can customize your Necklace by choosing your beads. I have used one of the design pattern for Stone Beaded Necklace. You can always customize it accordingly. Enjoy :)

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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