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Summer Makeup Tips

Hello my beautiful gals 😍
Summer season is going on & one thing we hate in summer is dull & oily face. After all who wants to have a dull or an oily face during summer. For such types of questions I have come up with a list of Makeup Tips specially for you all.  This tips helps you to stay beautiful & stay fresh through out the day. I hope you found this tips useful!!

One important think always remember girls, you all are Beautiful just the way you are. Makeup is not to hide your imperfections but it is just an experiment with your beauty to bring out the Best in you. :) 

Summer Makeup Tips

1. Face Wash  :-  
Before applying any makeup always make sure that you wash your Face with a good Face Wash so that you don't have any Oil on your Face. This is because, in Summer our Face produces more Oil.

2. Face Mask  :-  
Try to use a Clay Mask once a week. This helps to reduce your Skin’s oil production & make your skin Clean & Clear. 

3. Less is Best  :-  
The less product you are using on your Face, the better you will look. Try to apply very little products so that your face will not look Cakey.

4. Sunscreen is your friend  :-  
After applying mild Moisturizer, always apply a good amount of Sunscreen. Give 3-4 mins to have the Sunscreen set on your Face then only start your Makeup. Try to use Matte Finish Sunscreen.

5. Avoid heavy Foundation  :-  
Apply foundation only where you need it, do not over-apply. If you can skip this its great but if not then try to apply very less amount.

6. BB Cream is a Life Saver  :-  
BB Cream is must for me in Summer. If you want little coverage on your Face, buy a good BB Cream. BB Cream is a combination of Sunscreen, Moisturizer & Foundation. You don't need to apply much product only small amount of product works wonders.

7. Primer  :-  
If you can’t skip Foundation, use a Primer first & then apply the Foundation with your fingertips or dump Sponge. I always use dump Sponge instead of Foundation Brush, this gives flawless look. But remember don't rub Sponge on your Face instead use in pressing motion.

8. Powder  :- 
Always set your makeup with Translucent Powder or Pressed Powder, specially your Eye Area. This will give you finished look.

9. Eye-shadow Primer  :-  
Prime your Eyes too, use Eye-shadow Primer. This will help to set your Eye-shadow for longer time & keep it from sliding or creasing. Try to use Cream or Pressed Powder Eye-shadows.

10. Lashes  :-  
For Bold & thick Lashes, dust a Translucent Powder over your lashes (with eyes closed of-course 😛), then apply 2 coats of Mascara. This process helps to stick your Mascara with Lashes for a longer time & gives you fuller looking lashes at the same time.

11. Waterproof Mascara  :-  
Always use Waterproof Mascara otherwise it will melt & give you Darker Under Eye & you will look like Zombie. Test your Mascara in the shower to see how it holds up to the hot water. If it passes, you’re good to go :) .

12. Lips  :-  
Use a Lip Primer or a Foundation on your lips, then apply your Lipstick.  It will create a base & help it to stay. Don't use Lip Glosses instead use Lip Tint.

13. Setting Spray  :-  
Once you are done with all your Makeup, use a good Setting Spray all over your face. This will help to set all your Makeup throughout the day. :)

These are only few of the Makeup Tips as if I start writing all there is no end for tips & tricks. Hope you all girls have liked the Makeup Tips that I shared here. Girls! don't forget to share your tips with us on the comment section. I always Love to read your comments.

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed


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