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Cooking Tip for Oily Food

Hi my Beautiful People !!

Puri Choley, puri aloo, bhajiye, samosa, kachori, finger fries. Yummy isn't it ? You must be surprised what has suddenly happened to me. Why I am talking about all these dishes. The reason is all the dishes are oily dishes means which are fried in oil. Don't worry I am not stopping you guys to have these dishes but I am sharing a tip here so that oil will not spoil your dishes.

Spoiling here I am referring it to all the extra oil which gets stuck to the dishes. This oil doesn't gets removed from the puris or samosas even after using the oil absorbing papers.Thus I am sharing with all of you one of my favorite tested tips. I don't know the scientific reason behind the working of it but do try & let me know how it works for you.

Cooking Tip of the Day :

Whenever we have put the oil on gas for frying, as soon as it gets little hot add half tsp of salt ( for half empty kadai of oil ) in it. Now whenever you are frying anything on this oil like puri etc. you will see that the amount of oil absorbed on the puri is much less as compared to our normal cooking before.

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed


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