How To Convert Any Plain Jeans to Polka Dot Jeans | Fashion DIY

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Have you got bored with wearing the same Jeans? Do you love Retro style? Do you love Polka Dots Trend? Well if the answer is Yes then today's DIY is perfect for you. In today's post, we are making DIY Polka Dot Jeans! We are using our Old Jeans and gonna give it a new fresh look. This DIY is very easy, takes one day to make, and budget-friendly. Let's see what we need to do!!


Polka Dot Jeans | DIY 

All You Need -

  • Plain Jeans 
  • Acrylic Paint in Light Grey color
  • Color Plate
  • Ruler / Scale (Optional)
  • The pencil which has Eraser on the back (for making Dots)

Making Process -

Step 1. Iron the Jeans properly so there are no wrinkles remaining.  (You can even cover the working surface to avoid any mess.)
Step 2. Pour some Acrylic Paint on the Color Plate. Lay down the Jeans and start working, first, we are working on the bottom of the Jeans.
Step 3. Dip the Eraser side of your Pencil into the Paint and start making Polka Dots on the Jeans.
Step 4. Use Ruler horizontally to take guidance and keep making even row of Dots, approximately 1 inch apart!
Step 5. Keep adding rows of dots until you cover the entire Jeans. Fill all the blank spaces evenly!
Step 6. Give a few minutes for the Paint to dry. Once it is dried completely, flip the Jeans and repeat the same process on the backside also.
Step 7. Leave it for 1 day then wear Jeans.
Your Pretty Polka Dot Jeans is ready!! Style it with your favorite Top!

Note - 

1. Don't wash your Jeans for 1 week, try to avoid Hot Water to wash. Use Normal or Cold temperature Water to wash the Jeans. I highly recommend reading the instructions on your Acrylic Paint also, then wash accordingly.
2. You can totally skip the Ruler and make Dots randomly all over the Jeans.
3. You can even use Round Sponge if you want to make Big Polka Dots. I personally love Small Polka Dots.

It's a very simple and inexpensive way to Jazz up your Old Jeans. Do try and let us know your feedback!
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