May our Beautiful Planet Earth will heal soon! 🙏

May our Beautiful Planet Earth will heal soon! 🙏

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
The last few months were extremely difficult for the World. The Covid19 not only affected the Health and Economy but also it is affecting our Mental Health. Some of the people who I know lost their jobs, some who I follow online got the Virus. Everything around us is so overwhelming. Although I didn't find a single day where I can complain about being bored, in fact, I worked double hard with more productivity and finished some long pending works. But there are some days where I feel very low.

I don't know what is scarier, the Virus, losing life, losing loved ones, not able to see your loved ones, that there is only single income in your family, losing a job, not able to pay the bills, not able to save your home which took almost your soul to build, that some people don't want to follow any rules, some don't even want to wear mask & do not even following social distancing. Well, there are so many things to be a worry. But I choose to be positive and hope that everything will be healed soon.
On one side this COVID-19 is still going on or the other hand there is new stress started. Watching everything is so heartbreaking.

All the things that we all are facing right now are giving us the reality check. We all have to take full responsibility for our actions. Respect each other not only physically but mentally too. After all, if we still don't change, then these things will keep on repeating. Next time make sure that you are Gentle with the other person and Gentle with nature. Remember All Lives Matter!

May our Beautiful Planet Earth will heal soon! 🙏
Lots of Hope, Prayers, and Love!!

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