Homemade Cucumber Eye Patches !!

In today's article, we are sharing a super easy and effective DIY. We are making Homemade Cooling Cucumber Eye Patches cure Dull and Tired Eyes.

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I personally believe Eyes are the most beautiful part of the body. However, our eyes get tired throughout the day. It works continuously from the time we wake to the time we sleep. It is very important to have proper sleep but it becomes quite challenging in today's life.
In today's article, I am sharing one of the easiest and quick way to destress the Eyes and instantly refresh it. We are making our Homemade Cooling Cucumber Eye Patches. It works nicely and lasts pretty long. Let's see how to make it!

DIY Cooling Cucumber Eye Patches-www.worldofkhushi.com

DIY Cooling Cucumber Eye Pads

All You Need -

  • Fresh Cucumber Juice
  • Cotton Pads
  • Plastic Seal Bags 

How To Make -

Step 1. 
Pour fresh cucumber juice in a big bowl.
Step 2. Dip your Cotton Pads in Cucumber Juice & soak it for few seconds so that the cotton absorbs the juice properly.
Step 3. Now squeeze out the excess juice.
Step 4. Place these cotton pads on the Plastic Sealed Bags or Sandwich Bags separately. Try not to overlap those.
Step 5. Seal the Sandwich Bags & place it in the freezer.
Freezing Cucumber helps to stay fresh till a month.

DIY Cooling Cucumber Eye Patches-www.worldofkhushi.com

How To Use -

Step 1. Whenever you want to use this, take out the pads from the freezer & then apply after 3-4 min, till then it will become soft but still retains its cold.
Step 2. Place the pads on your eyes and leave it for 10 mins.
Step 3. Once you are done remove the eye pads & wollaaaaaa you will instantly feel very refreshing eyes. If you want you can wash your eyes & then apply the cream. Personally, I apply cream without washing.

Benefits Cucumber Eye Patches -

 Cucumber is rich in Vitamin K, which helps to reduce dark circles.
2. Cucumber is having 80% water so it's very hydrating.
3. It gives a nice cooling effect which is great for tired eyes.
4. Reduce Puffiness. 

Things To Remember -

1. If you want you can cut the Cotton Pad in Half, and apply only on the under-eye area. I like to cover my complete Eyes that's why using the whole round cotton pad.
2. After removing the pad, if you feel stickiness and don't want to wash your face, use Rosewater to wipe the area.
3. Although these Eye Pads are safe for all, still I always recommend doing the Patch Test before using any new product and DIYs to your skin.

Next time whenever your Eyes are feeling a little tired, just use these Eye Pads and relax! Let me know your thoughts.
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  1. Hi there, It was very good article and easy to understand. Looking forward for more articles for healthy life. Thanks.

    1. thank you Dheeraj :) It's really nice to hear from you guys. Surely will upload more healthy articles.


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