Henna Deep Conditioning Hair Mask !!

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Hair can make a woman look more beautiful if she takes care of it well. Nowadays with so many styling tools and products used on hair for everyday style, it harms the hair more than what you think. In today's article, I am sharing one of the best Hair Mask which will Deep Condition your Hair. This pack can be easily applied at home. Here we are using the secret Ingredient which Indian Women use for so many years, Heena. Let's see how we can make this Mask!


Heena Hair Mask for Deep Conditioning!

All you Need -

  • 200 gms Ayur Heena 
  • 150 gms Godrej Nupur Heena
  • 100 ml Milk
  • 100 ml Coffee Water
  • 100 ml Black Tea Water
  • 2 spoon Curd
  • 1/2 Lemon Juice
  • Vaseline 
  • Gloves
  • Plastic Wrap 

Method -

Step 1. Take a bowl, mix both the type of  Heena Powder. Mix it well.
Step 2. In the center of Heena, add Black Tea water, Coffee water & Milk. Start mixing it well.
Step 3. Add Curd & Lemon Juice too, mix it well too.
Step 4. Put this Heena in an Airtight container. Fill this container with a little tea-water. As shown in the photo.
Step 5. Cover this container with the lid & leave it for 3 hrs.
Step 6. After 3 hrs mix this mixture properly. Make sure you don't have lumps.
Step 7. Apply Vaseline to the parts of the face that are close to your hairline.
Step 8. Apply this mixture into all your hair (taking small-small sections) by using Gloves. Start with the roots to bottom. Make sure you don't have any oil on your hair at that time.
Step 9. With the help of Plastic Wrap, Wrap your hair completely.
Step 10. Apply this for 2 hrs. It will deep condition your hair & also gives little color. If you don't want any color, then apply only for 1 hrs.
Step 11. After 2 hrs wash your hair with water.
Step 12. After 24 hrs you can apply oil & wash your hair with a mild shampoo.


Benefits of this Mask -

  • It reduces Hair Fall.
  • It Conditions your hair.
  • Heena, Curd & Lemon will reduce dandruff naturally.
  • It gives the Strength to the Hair.
  • Milk will make your hair soft & smooth.
  • It treats your Gray hair. 
  • Make them beautiful.
  • Dry and frizzy hair becomes manageable. 
  • Gives Shine To your hair.

Things To Remember -

1. Always do a patch test.
2. This pack is mainly for Deep Conditioning your Hair.
3. Always apply this Mask to Clean Hair.
4. I am using Ayur and Godrej Nupur Heena brand, you can use any of your favorite brands.
5. You can boil Tea and Coffee in the same water if you want.

Try this Hair Mask and let me know your feedback.
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